Surprising Fire

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Fire is an important image in the Bible about God’s presence. God appeared in a burning bush to Moses, in flames over Mount Senai, and in a pillar of fire over the tabernacle. And so the flames at Pentecost: this is the marking out of temple space—places where heaven and…

Vengeance on His Heart? Part I

Vengeance on His Heart? Debunking Apocalyptic Visions of a Violent God Part I By Peter Goodgame The grief and horror experienced recently in the Las Vegas massacre is really nothing compared to what dispensationalists and many “bible-believing” evangelicals expect to see from Jesus at His Second Coming. You see, they interpret the Old Testament predictions of … More Vengeance on His Heart? Part I

What Does “The Matrix” Have in Common with the Early Church Fathers’ View of Reality? — Richard Murray

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ANSWER: ALMOST EVERYTHING! The Matrix Trilogy Obviously, the early Church Fathers never actually watched The Matrix trilogy of movies. But, then again, maybe in some archetypal way, the Lord projected the movie’s major themes across time and space onto the screens of their corporate consciousness. I am awestruck at how…