RIP – Rene Girard

Rene Girard passed away on November 4, at age 91, just nine days before the Friday the 13th terrorist attacks in Paris. Over the last few days I have continued to study this man’s work, including his last book entitled “Battling to the End.”

Girard’s lifelong research into “mimetic desire” goes straight to the heart of human origins, human nature, and human destiny. For a brief bio of the man go here, and for a look at the various fields of study that his ideas have impacted you can go here.

In his last book I found that Girard’s faith in Christ was unshakeable, whereas his faith in “humanity” became much more pessimistic. Indeed, his final book is filled with apocalyptic warnings, which seem to be born out by the recent terror attack and by the global response to it:

We have to destroy one another or love one another, and humanity, we fear, will prefer to destroy itself.

The reason that people fight more and more is that there is a truth approaching against which their violence reacts. The Christ is the Other who is coming, and who, in his very vulnerability, arouses panic in the system.

The paradox is thus that we are starting to grasp the Gospel message at the very moment when the escalation to extremes is becoming the unique law of history.

Holiness is perhaps the only form of resistance that can be made to the heroism that nations can offer.

There is nothing nihilistic about the apocalyptic spirit: it can make sense of the trend toward the worst only from within the framework of very profound hope.

Rene Girard, you were in possession of the bright morning star. I can’t wait to get to know you in the New Creation!

2 Peter 1:19
Revelation 2:28


Undiscovered Tomb in Great Pyramid?

As if the world did not have enough currently going on, scientists have just released a survey that provides evidence for an undiscovered tomb in the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Recent news articles on a thermal scan of the ground-level stones of the Great Pyramid have been published by CNN, the BBC, and the NEW YORK TIMES.

Perhaps this is the gateway to the lost tomb of Osiris… or perhaps not.

In case it is, you should learn more about Osiris by reading an article I published back in the summer of 2012:

Osiris: Dying and Rising God of Egypt… and Freemasonry

Happy Holidays!

Peter D. Goodgame

“Coming Out of the Closet” With Thoughts on the Ongoing “Christian-Gay” War

Peter D. Goodgame:

Another good one…

Originally posted on The Two Spies Report:

Friends, this is another one of those blog posts I may live to regret, but I think we now live in the days when we as followers of Christ need to speak openly and plainly on difficult topics.  We need more honest “thinking out loud” (even speculating, with the expectation of changing or modifying views upon further contemplation) and humbly challenging ourselves as well as others to compare our reflection (and its culture) to that of Christ.  We need to attempt to rightly judge how well we resemble His mindset and mission, and the spirit of His priorities and values, while understanding the Gospels and words of the Apostles in that light.  The ironic “coming out of the closet” title refers to the feeling a Christian believer in our culture often feels when they ask “questions that should not be asked”, and express sympathies for “unthinkable thoughts” and “depraved individuals”…

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The Five Pillars of My Disconcerning View of My American Christian Brethren Today

Peter D. Goodgame:

Good commentary here by Dr. Future. Please read and reflect…

Originally posted on The Two Spies Report:

Some of my Christian friends think that I may be a little too critical these days of my fellow American Christians and paint with too broad of a brush, and they may think that I need to focus on my own spiritual inadequacies and shortcomings.  They may well be right; I certainly criticize Christian behavior for which I myself have been guilty, and neglect important Christian work and ministry I should be about right now.  It is easy to be a critic, and sit in the “seat of scoffers” as a judge and spectator, while others are “in the arena”.

Having said that, while I have been raised in the “bullseye” of the Bible Belt both culturally and geographically, and benefitted from its solid Christian worldview foundation and been blessed by its security, hope and sacrificial love from others toward me, I have been developing some type of angst…

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A New Overview On Paul

Back in January of 2013 I was invited to a big bible prophecy conference in Dallas, Texas, to give three presentations based on my books and research. At that time I really thought I had it all figured out, and my end-times outlook was solidly Dispensational. In the aftermath of the conference, through meeting several key people, I was challenged to examine some very serious accusations regarding the Apostle Paul. A few highly motivated bible scholars had collected evidence that Paul was a false apostle, allegedly mentioned by Jesus in Revelation 2:2. This led to a season of study and prayer as I tried to sort it all out, and I finally offered my personal conclusion in my online series “Jesus and the Law,” which I finished on the last day of 2013.

Part of my deep study into the life and ministry of Paul included diving into the massive book about Paul written by N.T. Wright, which came out in November 2013. I figured that since I had listened to the enemies of Paul it was only fair that I take a look at the work of a serious scholar who supported Paul. The only problem was that the book was 1700 pages long! It took me many months to read it, and I think I finished it while I was visiting China in September of 2014. Yet at the beginning I dove right in, and it did not take long for me to realize how wrong Paul’s detractors were, and how shallow their evidence was, compared to the in-depth treatment given to Paul by Tom Wright.

Hallelujah, the big book on Paul helped to save me from going down the misguided route of Hebrew Roots! Unfortunately this is often a natural route to take from a dispensational mindset. Dispensationalists read the Old Testament prophets literally and try to apply it to today, and it is not a far stretch from that point to read the OT Law literally and try to apply it to today as well. I am not anti-Semitic by any means, and I do love digging into the OT to discover the Hebrew Roots of the New Testament. But I do have a litmus test when it comes to Hebrew Roots teaching: If it points forward to Jesus, then it is good; if it points back to Moses, then it is highly suspect!

N.T. Wright helped me to understand the OT through Paul’s eyes, which kept me from reading the Law literally, and even showed me that the Dispensationalist approach to prophecy was flawed as well. In fact NONE of the New Testament writers read their Bible the way that Dispensationalists teach it today! That’s because the Apostles were using a hermeneutic given to them by Jesus Himself. It’s no longer all about “literal interpretation” because the OT was always looking forward to spiritual realities. This is reflected in my new study of the end times focused on the New Exodus.

In any case, the point of this post is to recommend that everyone, especially American Christians with dispensational backgrounds, take a second look at the way they read their Bibles. Don’t be afraid to dig deep and to question what you have been taught. Don’t be afraid to seek out other perspectives. Maybe even take a look at N.T. Wright’s book on Paul. Or if you don’t have the stamina for 1700 pages, take a look at the new book by Derek Vreeland which condenses Wright’s book down to about 120 pages.

It contains some great insight that will help prepare you to grasp the spiritual depth of the New Exodus!

Jesus showed who his Father is…by not “Grasping”

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If Jesus is the exact representation of God (Heb 1:3), then God is not only nonviolent, but God does not grasp to be more than he should be. Some would ask, “why would God grasp at anything when he is almighty, all powerful, and everywhere at the same time?” This is an excellent question, but what I would like to propose is that God thinks more about you than he does about himself. Or better yet, God thinks you are more important than himself. That’s a big statement….and I truly think it is possible when we see Jesus representing “God’s very nature”. The verses I will focus on are again in Phil 2, god_is_love_by_riikardo-d70clskwhich say,

Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus,  who, although He existed in the form of God, did not regard equality with God a thing to be grasped,  

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Sunday Bun

Peter D. Goodgame:

A good word from L. A. Marzulli

Originally posted on L.A. Marzulli's Blog:

BunSo God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. Genesis 1:27

We are all made in the image and likeness of God…. period.  The moment we move away from this fact we create the problems that face us in today’s world.

It is God who made us and in His sight we are all equal.  It doesn’t matter what the color of our skin is, or if we’re tall, or short, fat, or skinny, or blue.  It doesn’t matter.  When we look at another person, no matter what he or she looks like, we must remind ourselves that that person is made in the image and likeness of God.  If we practice this how can we have a racist bone in our bodies?  If we embrace this, how can we fall into the trap of thinking one…

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