Jesus is the Rock

The fate of evangelicalism in America hinges on this: Do we look to JESUS in developing our conception of God, or do we look to the BIBLE in developing our conception of God? I know what many are thinking. I know that we’ve been taught to harmonize the teachings of Jesus with the rest of … More Jesus is the Rock

A cry of dereliction?

Originally posted on AnOpenOrthodoxy:
Jesus’ questioning cry “My God! My God! Why have you forsaken me?” (MK 15.24|MT 27:47) is known in theological circles as the ‘Cry of Dereliction’ (of abandonment, rejection, or forsakenness). For now let’s call it ‘the Cry’. But frankly, to call the Cross the Father’s dereliction of his Son is already…

The Exodus

Originally posted on Dave Barnhart:
I have seen your religion, and I hate it. I have heard your doctrine, and I loathe it. Take away your empty praise songs, your vacuous worshiptainment. Your mouth is full of religious words, but your proverbs are salted manure. ? “The sick deserve to be sick. The poor deserve…

Can Jesus Save the Bible?

Originally posted on LCI:
LCI Council member, Revd Simon Hall, reports on speaker, author and theologian Michael Hardin’s visit to LCI and asks the question “How did Jesus read his Bible?” I spend a lot of time debating on Facebook. Probably not hours every day, but certainly minutes. Sometimes a lot of minutes. Now and…

A Thoroughly Biblical Argument Against Penal Substitutionary Atonement

Originally posted on Emma Higgs:
  A common criticism of people like me who openly oppose Penal Substitutionary Atonement theory is that we are picking and choosing the bits of the Bible we like, whilst ignoring some of the trickier bits. I intend now to try and make it super clear that this is not what we are doing. Invisible…