What of Hart’s Tradition and Apocalypse is Shared with Wilken’s The Myth of Christian Beginnings?

Christianity is less about where we started and much more about where we are going.

Jesus and the Ancient Paths

Two of Robert Louis Wilken’s wonderful books blessed me a few years ago (The Spirit of Early Christian Thought: Seeking the Face of God and The First Thousand Years: A Global History of Christianity). For another project recently, I’ve sat down to read two earlier works by Wilken. With one of them, The Myth of Christian Beginnings, I was impressed by the remarkable alignment with David Bentley Hart’s recent Tradition and Apocalypse (which I have already written a lot about here, here, and here). Wilken’s The Myth of Christian Beginnings was published in 1971 by the University of Notre Dame and again in 2009 by Wipf and Stock (the edition that I read). Hart’s Tradition and Apocalypse was published in 2022 by Baker Academic.

I noted eight points (some being subpoints and one a double point, but I’m not recounting) in common between Tradition…

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