Pursue Jesus In 2013!

Jesus didn’t come to this earth merely to present us with a new “belief system,” He came to teach and to demonstrate a new way of living out our lives according to radical principles based upon an entirely new set of values. So what does this look like? That’s a good question because most Christians … More Pursue Jesus In 2013!

Two Things

Firstly, the recent two-hour interview that I had with Dan Duval can be heard at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/discoveringthetruth/2012/12/05/the-antichrist-the-whore-of-babylon-and-the-power-of-god Secondly, I am still working hard and fund-raising for our trip to Dallas and I have prepared something to offer people who can donate ten dollars. Please consider helping me finance my research and writing habit! Purchase the 17-page … More Two Things

Breaking Free from the Grand American Illusion

The last post generated some thoughtful commentary so I feel the need to elaborate upon it and share some further information. Many will completely misunderstand me but a few will get it and may feel a desire to press into these uncomfortable areas further. Please consider reading the following books and articles to help you … More Breaking Free from the Grand American Illusion