A New Glorious Passover Exodus

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I am resolutely convinced Christ is the apex of God’s revelation, the “be all end all” of redemptive history, Thus, I highly recommend this free ebook and its exalted view of Christ. In this penetrating work, my friend John Dunn displays a robust Christology, and supplies a nourishing, green pasture upon…

Through the Wilderness

I have just updated my New Exodus page and also posted a short study that covers the theme of “the wilderness” in connection with the symbolism of Babylon: Through the Wilderness: The symbolism of Babylon and the New Exodus journey through the “wilderness” of this fallen world ——— Peter Goodgame

A “New Exodus” Synthesis of Covenant Views

Within the American evangelical church there are really just two primary perspectives for interpreting the “End Times.”  And when I say “End Times” I mean that period of time from Pentecost in Acts 2, which inaugurated the “end of the age”, to the descent of the New Jerusalem in Revelation 21 that will consummate the “end of the … More A “New Exodus” Synthesis of Covenant Views

New Exodus Homepage

I’ve just posted a summary and resource page for our ongoing New Exodus research. Check it out at http://www.redmoonrising.com/NewExodus.htm Also, be sure to check out the 8-page article that is a good academic overview of Isaiah’s perspective on the New Exodus, available at www.jbburnett.com/resources/anderson_isrprophet12-typol.pdf God bless, Peter Goodgame May 1, 2014