New World Rising

The world is changing fast. Old world orders are crumbling and new ones are rising up. If you happen to live within the borders of former or current colonial powers then the narrative that you are being programmed to believe is very far from the truth. In other words, if you live in “the West” (i.e. the USA, UK, western Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia, NZ, or Israel), then the information you receive is carefully curated by corporate media to tell a particular story that promotes the best interests of the rich and powerful who rule over this fading empire.

For opposing narratives that may be biased in their own ways (yet I believe closer to the truth) I suggest the following independent sources:

Brian Berletic: Former U.S. Marine now based in SE Asia
Youtube page-

Cyrus Janssen: Mandarin-speaking Canadian
Youtube page-

Pepe Escobar: Award-winning Brazilian journalist based in France
Recent article-

Aaron Maté: Canadian journalist based in the USA
Youtube series “Pushback”-

Ben Norton: American journalist based in Panama

For deeper background on world history leading up to this point, which is a chronicle of the Anglo-American Empire after World War II, please refer to my series American Babylon:

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