The Theory Of A Multipolar World: A Traditionalist Foreign Policy And Antidote To The “New World Order”

Some excellent ideas presented within this book review.


On September 11th 1990, during the ongoing disintegration of the Soviet Union, then US President George Herbert Walker Bush announced the arrival of a “New World Order”. Much ink has been spilt and many-a-video has been made about this phrase by those whose tinfoil hat is fastened around their heads perhaps a little too tightly, and thus have largely misunderstood the implications of this phrase, wound up by hyperbolic conspiracy mongers and distracted by dystopian visions of Satanic orders and a global police state.

That’s not to say that the standardized global order organized by the US commercial empire and it’s various banks, foundations, allies, and “civil society” institutions isn’t dystopian, and fundamentally a rebellion against nature, just that these types conceptualize this problem within the paradigm of – most often classical – liberalism, (usually served with a healthy dose of Protestant evangelism) which serves to distort the entire picture.

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