The Gospel According to Jesus

The 11-part series that was posted over the last few weeks is from a short book called “The Gospel According to Jesus: Unwrapping Centuries of Confusion,” by Marc Carrier. The book can be purchased online at as a kindle ebook for 99 cents: It can also be purchased as part of a book published … More The Gospel According to Jesus

11. Final Analysis

So what is the final analysis? The reformers would have us believe that Jesus died to satisfy God’s wrath in a legal transaction, Jesus taking our place for our justly deserved punishment. In contrast, the early church taught that Jesus was sent to release us from the bondage of Sin and Death and turn our … More 11. Final Analysis

10. Count the Cost

So what did Jesus teach concerning following Him? In the fourteenth chapter of Luke’s gospel account, Jesus told a large crowd of prospective followers what it would take to become His disciples. He certainly was not emulating the attractional, ear-tickling models of the modern church: “Now large crowds were going along with Him; and He … More 10. Count the Cost

7. Filthy Rags?

But doesn’t the Bible teach that our righteous acts are filthy rags? No, this is simply another example of a revisionist Christian history. Nothing could be more pleasing to God than our continued righteousness; it is for this reason God sent His Son, that we would be righteous and holy. So where does the myth … More 7. Filthy Rags?

6. Dress Code

The parables of the wheat and tares and the dragnet are not the only ones that discuss the second aspect of citizenship—that is, keeping it or remaining on the Vine. Here is the parable of the wedding feast. “The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a king who gave a wedding feast for his … More 6. Dress Code