Say anakephalaiosasthai, paliggenesia, apokatastasis 5 times fast!

Three words that confirm to us that the story ends well.

44 letters, 3 words, 1revolutionary idea. This idea is one that is riddled throughout the Hebrew Bible and in the New testament scriptures as well.

This idea is provocative, scandalous, ancient, and will shake you right down to your very core once you see it. It may get you called a heretic, excluded from religious groups and branded as being non biblical…

But it is completely biblical and is extremely offensive and scares the shit out of most religious institutions.

These 3 words we will focus on can be found in your Bibles and the theme they espouse is riddled EVERYWHERE.



If you’re like me, it just rolls off the tongue, right? OK not so easy to say AND what does it mean?

“God made known to us the mystery of God’s will, according to God’s purpose, which God…

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