What Does “The Matrix” Have in Common with the Early Church Fathers’ View of Reality? — Richard Murray


The Complete Matrix Trilogy The Matrix Trilogy

Obviously, the early Church Fathers never actually watched The Matrix trilogy of movies. But, then again, maybe in some archetypal way, the Lord projected the movie’s major themes across time and space onto the screens of their corporate consciousness.

I am awestruck at how closely the cosmology of the early Church lines up with metaphorical symbols in The Matrix movies. Cosmology is simply the metaphysical study of the form, content, organization, of the universe. Christian Cosmology helps us understand the respective roles and relational dynamics of humans, angels, demons, fallen principalities and fallen powers.

Red Pill, Blue Pill The red pill/blue pill scene from “The Matrix”.

I absolutely love The Matrix movie trilogy, but for years I thought its only metaphorical message for us was to leave the dead, institutional and formalistic religion of “blue pill” Christianity. We were instead to take the “red pill”…

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