Global Capitalism Update

If you have the time I highly suggest you listen Richard Wolff’s latest monthly update on Global Capitalism here:

How is it that the world’s greatest capitalist economy in the world (the USA) is also the world’s greatest debtor, whereas the world’s greatest communist nation in the world (the People’s Republic of China) is the world’s greatest creditor? Strange, isn’t it?

Wolff also points out that each year our Federal Government sends China about $40 Billion in interest payments alone, (which they then use to build their military!) Perhaps the new release of the movie “Red Dawn,” which portrays the Chinese as the primary villains, will add even more fuel to the simmering anti-China feeling that has been brewing among conservatives and patriots. Wolff is more amused by this than alarmed, however, and I kind of share his sentiment, because I know that I am a citizen of Heaven!

Ultimately it’s coming down to an intensifying of the global conflict between the rich and the poor. And sadly most Americans, and most American Christians, will be firmly on the side of the rich as capitalism deteriorates and continues to show its true colors. Thomas Friedman once famously wrote that “the hidden hand of the market will never work without the hidden fist,” and as things get worse this “fist” will be used more and more to keep the global poor “in their place.”

One thought on “Global Capitalism Update

  1. The freemasons have infiltrated the Vatican to use the Catholic religion as a stabilizing influence in human affairs to manipulate things in their direction..If they can do this to the Catholic church, they can do this to the econmies of the world to bring about the new world order. This is Satan’s thing. It’s a dirty alignment and I see it on so many different levels.


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