Jesus — Our Leader, Lens and Life

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Fair Haven

I have called Christ the ‘first instance’ of the new man. But of course He is something much more than that. He is not merely a new man, one specimen of the species, but the new man. He is the origin and centre and life of all the new men. He came into the created universe, of His own will, bringing with Him the Zoe, the new life. (I mean new to us, of course: in its own place Zoe has existed forever and ever.) And He transmits it not by heredity but by what I have called ‘good infection.’ Everyone who gets it gets it by personal contact with Him. Other men become ‘new’ by being ‘in Him’.” C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

I made a terrible mistake several years ago!

I decided to read the Gospels without the religious lenses I’d acquired from many years of…

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One thought on “Jesus — Our Leader, Lens and Life

  1. nice of you to eliminate my post. Looks like your “truth” can’t stand honest criticism. No surprise.


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