The Toba Super-Eruption: The Global Catastrophe that Creationists Ignore

Interesting subject that touches on human origins and challenges Young Earth Creationism (YEC).

Naturalis Historia

An ash plume rising from Eyjafjallajökull on April 2010. Ash from this volcano grounded air-traffic in Europe for days and weeks in 2010. This was a small explosion compared to Krakatoa, Pinatubo, and Mt St Helens, and yet even those were tiny eruption compared to super-eruptions in places like Yellowstone and Sumatra. Image Credit: Wikipedia

Sudden catastrophic events are not unknown in Earth’s history.  Large craters are evidence of past cosmic impacts.  Widespread layers of volcanic ash are a testimony of massive volcanic eruptions.   But when did these catastrophes occur and could they have impacted human history?

Standard geological models place the largest catastrophic events many eons ago.  So long ago that no modern human being was alive at the time and thus we have no written historical records.  In contrast to this understanding of earth’s history young earth creationists (YECs) compress all of Earth’s history into approximately 6000 years…

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One thought on “The Toba Super-Eruption: The Global Catastrophe that Creationists Ignore

  1. This article was written to attack the Bible but proves nothing. Big deal, sometime in the past, probably early post flood, there was a giant volcanic explosion and primitive tools were buried under the ash. After the dispersion of Babel people were on their own and probably got by quite primitively. This is a problem how? I would not so lightly reject the word of God over evidence of a volcano exploding in the past after the creation of man. By the way, don’t assume craters come from meteor impacts. Look up craters from electrical arcing.The universe may be different from what science says and be electromagnetic.


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