Christian Universalism: A Slippery Slope?

The Savior of All

When Christians are first introduced to the doctrine of Universal Reconciliation (UR), they are most often caught off guard. Since it challenges part of the foundation of the Atonement, as they know it, many are defensive of the Christianity that they know. Since Scripture states that the wages of sin is death and that the second death is the Lake of Fire, many believe that Jesus came to save us from an all too real lake of burning sulfur; one, in which, people are tormented “forever and ever”. Therefore, when anyone denies the doctrine of Endless Conscious Torment (ECT), Christians tend to either ignore the naysayers or they valiantly defend their doctrinal convictions.

When I began to doubt the doctrine of ECT, I was approached by several Christians, on many occasions, who felt led by the Spirit to tell me that I was stepping onto a very slippery slope and…

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