Can Jesus Save the Bible?

Great essay on how Jesus challenges us to read the Bible!


LCI Council member, Revd Simon Hall, reports on speaker, author and theologian Michael Hardin’s visit to LCI and asks the question “How did Jesus read his Bible?”

I spend a lot of time debating on Facebook. Probably not hours every day, but certainly minutes. Sometimes a lot of minutes. Now and then I can’t help myself, even though I know it probably doesn’t do any good. I don’t always think I can change someone’s mind, but it bothers me that people just can’t seem to see the other side of the argument. And when you can’t see the other side of the argument, you tend to assume that the person you’re debating with is obstinate, or defensive, or stupid. Or maybe even evil. Think about Donald Trump supporters. Or people who voted differently to you on Brexit. The temptation to demonise those we disagree with (sometimes figuratively, sometimes literally) seems…

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