Sin, Hell, and the Victory of Pascha

The ultimate conclusion of “love God and love your neighbor as yourself” is the whole human family standing in solidarity with each other, not willing that any should perish, with the divine LOGOS from heaven saying, “This is good.”

Eclectic Orthodoxy

by Brian C. Moore, Ph.D.

We are made for joy and love and creativity. We are embodied because the care of the soul requires human touch and beauty, music and vision in order to thrive. Yet we live in a broken, wounded world. Everything good and necessary is so easily corrupted, abused, lost, and wasted. We often bear our torment within ourselves, carrying it wherever we go. I, myself, frequently sorrow over existence. I am not good at life. I was born two months premature in an era where survival was by no means certain. My parents and grandparents prayed ardently that the tiny babe might live; and evidently he did or he would not be writing you now. To what end? Life is often a burden and a disappointment. I have a gift of language and a poet’s sensitivity. I have devoted decades of my life pursuing wisdom, but…

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