What Now?

Let me ask my Conservative friends this: how in the world did Trump go from being “the lesser of two evils” who I was told to vote for while holding my nose, merely because he is a shade less evil than Hillary, to being a person whose every statement and idea must NOW be defended as the best possible thing for this country? If anything his victory should allow conservatives to relax and STOP seeing the man through rose-colored glasses, and be willing to identify and distance themselves from the crass and obnoxious rhetoric the man has been spewing all year long. Instead a funny thing is happening. Conservatives are holding on to these things, while Trump himself is distancing himself from his old persona and making overtures of reconciliation and peace with the other side. Unbelievable!

For more in depth analysis of this new reality read the blog below. Yes, praise God, the greater of two evils has been defeated at the ballot box! Now we can move on and work together to keep a short leash on the lesser of two evils.

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