“Coming Out of the Closet” With Thoughts on the Ongoing “Christian-Gay” War

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Friends, this is another one of those blog posts I may live to regret, but I think we now live in the days when we as followers of Christ need to speak openly and plainly on difficult topics.  We need more honest “thinking out loud” (even speculating, with the expectation of changing or modifying views upon further contemplation) and humbly challenging ourselves as well as others to compare our reflection (and its culture) to that of Christ.  We need to attempt to rightly judge how well we resemble His mindset and mission, and the spirit of His priorities and values, while understanding the Gospels and words of the Apostles in that light.  The ironic “coming out of the closet” title refers to the feeling a Christian believer in our culture often feels when they ask “questions that should not be asked”, and express sympathies for “unthinkable thoughts” and “depraved individuals”…

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2 thoughts on ““Coming Out of the Closet” With Thoughts on the Ongoing “Christian-Gay” War

  1. Bro. Peter,

    I feel honored that your shared my primitive thoughts with your followers – many more people will be exposed to my deliberations.

    I continue to salute your honest search for spiritual truth, am encouraged and inspired by it, and am honored to have you for a friend. I pray for a season of revelation and inspiration for you, fruit bearing success and Godly prosperity for you and your family.

    Your Friend Mike B


  2. Having experimented with gay life styles and gender identity for five years, several decades ago while in the military, I found many situations stimulating, and certainly moreso when drunk or worse. In retrospect, it seems to me that most sexual sin involves carnal reactions to youthful appearances, mostly regarding prime mating age vice younger. But sex is also largely mechanical. It’s taboo to admit that the mechanics will get you off when oriented against other than the norm.

    That said, that time in my life also involved dabbling in the occult, libertarian politics (rebellion), fantasy role playing, gay “bulletin boards” (via modem based computer networks), etc. At that time in my life, there wasn’t just one excess, but many. “Romans 1” well describes the process of “circling the drain” i.e. “being given over to uncleanness, vile affections, and trashy mind.” Those who sow to the flesh, reap corruption (age and decay).

    Yet, the real war is spiritual, not carnal. The weapons we have as Christians have much to do with practicing grace, obedience, peace, truth, faith, caring, and integrity, while relying on Christ. There’s a price to pay for disobedience to our Heavenly Father’s way of doing things. As regards prodigals, trying times certainly go with exploring the fringes, (such as a pig pen).

    So, let’s talk turkey (this season considered). Most folks are damned already! That won’t change. “Wide is the way that leads to destruction.” So, the best we can do is preach Christ as the way out for the few lost that will listen and turn to Him. There’s little left to do for the rest, but to be like Heavenly Father “who heart is to care for the just and the unjust.” From the perspective of eternity — the damned have made their choice — there’s no call to stand in their way?

    Don’t be surprised though that I condemn sin in all forms, including sexual. That’s not about those involved in such things — it’s about the consequences. And I will defend those I love against such jeopardy.

    I know what’s in The Bible concerning blasphemy and unforgiveness. To me, the worst sin is practicing elective abortion (400 million exterminated just in the US and China). By comparison “lgbt whatever” is just political distractions.

    Sorry to see Dr. Future (Mike B.) caught up in the briar patch.


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