Rising Stars

Jesus promises in Luke 8:17 that one day every mystery will be revealed. I think that most people see this as being fulfilled after the Second Coming and after the Resurrection, but I don’t think so… why not here and now?

Why are we so afraid to dig into the many mysteries that still remain? Yes, the Bible offers some brief words about human origins and about the heavenly destiny of the redeemed, but these words are really very limited. For many Christians these words act to mark the extent of our seeking and put our religion in a box, rather than causing us to wonder and to explore with an expectation of learning new things.

It is with this questioning sense of awe and wonder that I offer the latest article in my ongoing New Exodus series:

Rising Stars: The Stellar Destiny of the Redeemed

Peter Goodgame
Kailua, Hawaii
June 7, 2015


One thought on “Rising Stars

  1. Some may see “the stars” as the rich & famous or gods & heroes; instead of embracing becoming housekeepers and servants. Yet we’re given that “those who would be chief must become the servants of all.” King David, for instance, was recognized as having “served his generation.” No mystery that helping Christ may well involve custodial service in extending lovingkindness to both creatures and creations.

    So we have that when dwelling with The Creator things work out quite well, but without Him, things increasingly fall apart. Ironic that the former “helpers” (that third … satan and his ilk) are cast out (repeatedly) while the saved are caught up (quickened, raptured, gathered). And that also goes for the millennial kingdom even after the rebel angels are all cast out of the heavens into this world.

    It would be quite a lesson, to become custodians of a prison planet for a time, ruling the nations with a Rod of Iron, given the keys to the Kingdom, along with The Morning Star. Security guards need flashlights, which these days also include stun guns.

    As regards mysteries, if the heavens are higher dimensions, which the saved gain increasing access to, even in the sense of having “spiritual bodies” (since Paul taught that we have natural and spiritual bodies), then no great surprise we’d gain abilities while the damned lose such access.

    …which takes us to putting on The Armor of God and putting on Christ. Growing into the fullness of His stature. Of truth, we can do nothing without Him. His yoke is easy and His burden light, and He comes to give to each as their work shall be (at least in the KJV), reversing the curse, making work a blessing. With Him we become fully and simply human, as He meant, as His children, much as Adam and Eve were in perfection, sharing in caring for creatures and creations.

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