The Mysterious Tree of Life

This morning I was compelled to write what promises to be the entry point into an incredible line of research. It will be very controversial and it touches upon some very sensitive subjects, yet I also feel that digging into this mystery is absolutely necessary in the 21st Century.

You see, if you have been paying attention you know that modern science has been making great strides in developing its own version of human origins ever since the human genome was decoded in 2003. You can read a good overview of this progress in an article from the Wall Street Journal here.

In the face of these recent developments I think it is time to think outside the box and to deliver a new perspective that affirms the truth of the Gospel and the absolute necessity to reconcile Man with God, with Jesus as the only mediator bringing that reconciliation about.

That’s what my new series will be all about, and you can step into part one here:

The Tree of Life: The Mysterious Symbol at the Heart of the New Exodus

Peter Goodgame
May 19, 2015
Kailua, Hawaii

9 thoughts on “The Mysterious Tree of Life

  1. Sounds like a good study, Peter. I can see your point. One thing though; you have a biological AND a spiritual family tree, as do all of us. Why couldn’t there have been, and be both a literal “tree” in the garden, and the spiritual tree of Christ ? I’m actually hoping so. As you said, most of us think mainly about the Tree of Life as an actual growing tree that bares fruit. For me — I’ve always looked forward to eating of it for this reason. I have been violently allergic to most fruit – since early childhood. So, as I said, I’ve been looking forward to this for many years. I vote for both a literal, and a spiritual tree. 🙂 Looking forward to more posts in this study.


  2. Out of genealogical curiosity: what is your paternal and maternal haplogroup? I’ve been sucked into researching big population movements from Bronze Age onwards, going through what happened during Old Testament times from the perspective of both haplogroups and autosomal data. It is quite exciting, who were the sons of Gomer, Hittites etc, I am devouring every new paper that gets released 🙂


  3. My maternal haplogroup is T2a1b, and my paternal is R1b1b2a1a. Could you point me to some of these papers, and connect me with these researchers who are using genetic science to understand biblical history? Yes it does sound very exciting!


  4. Peter, I have greatly benefited from the insights born from your devotion to the Gospel, and to our Lord. I thank God that there are still those who hunger for the Truth, and burn to share the Glory of the Almighty through their testimony. Thank you for your faithfulness brother, but more so, thank you Father for Your perfect compassion, grace, mercy, and faithfulness to always ensure that there is a way for Your Word to reach Your children. Amen. Throughout the scriptures we find where people are referred to, or likened to trees. We are also told not to partake of their bad fruits. I think you very lucidly fleshed that out in part 1 of your new series. With that, I just want to add that I have always felt the Genesis account of the Trees, and fruit to be more symbolic than literal. I hope that in the upcoming parts, you might perhaps extrapolate these ideas to include the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil. Was it not by reason, that wisdom was corrupted in satan? And was it not by the fruit of reason(knowledge) that man too was corrupted? It brings to light a question often discussed in philosophy; is someone guilty if they don’t know that what they are doing is wrong? I think God’s Word gives a clear answer to that. Although Adam, and Eve had up to the point of partaking of the fruit, had been in the presence of, and communed with God naked, they had no shame because they did not “know” what it meant to be naked. God was clothing their nakedness, but rather He was clothing their shame. He was covering their sin. It was a precursor to the ultimate covering which would come by the blood of Jesus Christ. What really fascinates me is the spiritual transformation that’s occurring when these fruits are being eaten. Whether the fruit of the Tree of Life(Jesus Christ) to life, or the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge to death. It’s clear that Adam, and Eve had the preexisting ability to reason. However, their only source of information up to the point of eating the fruit appears to be the perfect and pure interaction with God. Perhaps it’s just coincidence that fallen man’s highest aspirations are to reason, but I tend to think otherwise. Keep the fires burning brother.


  5. You said,”God was clothing their nakedness, but rather He was clothing their shame. He was covering their sin.”

    I respectfully disagree. Adam and Eve did not sin until Satan induced them to sin by disobeying God. Adam and Eve did not sin because they did not have a sin nature. They did not sin in thought word or deed. In this same way you won’t sin in heaven because you will not have a sin nature. “You will shed the tent of this body” with it’s sin nature and you will be given a new heavenly body. (read 1 cor 15 carefully)

    God Bless Peter


  6. Aquila,

    You misunderstood what I was addressing in that statement. I was not speaking to that particular act of disobedience, nor was I asserting that Adam and Eve were created with a sin nature.

    What I was referring to was God covering the sin in them, irrespective of when it came in, and that it was the first act of sacrificial blood atonement. It was a practice carried on by the hebrews for thousands of years, and a precursor to the final atonement by Christ on the cross.

    However, to believe that Adam and Eve had no sin at all is in direct conflict with God’s Word. Please refer to Romans 5:12, and 1 Corinthians 15:21 for examples. Adam and Eve might have been created without sin, but then so was satan, and iniquity found them all. The only human to never sin was Jesus Christ. The elevation of Adam and Eve is false doctrine.

    There will be no sin in us after the resurrection only because we are new creations transformed in Christ, not because we are reverting to some prior state of higher being by shedding this body. The perfection of man was not in Adam, but in Jesus, period. He is the vine of life, and to whom we are to look.

    God bless you Aquila


  7. Hi Hajeer, Thanks for the response. I believe the Bible teaches that Adam and Eve were not created by God with a sin nature,

    Rom 5:12 says that sin entered the world through one man Adam. At a point in time. The point in time when it entered was at the fall. After they sinned, they realized their nakedness. The implication being that they did not sin before this.

    1 Cor 15:21 simply states that death comes through Adam, because he sinned and when he sinned he inherited a sin nature, not because he was created with a sin nature.

    Along with this, I believe that Adam and Eve were both created with a spiritual nature, Gen 2:7. They were both uniquely created when God formed them from the dust of the earth and breathed the breath of life into them, I believe this was spiritual life and this is what they lost at the fall. They lost the spiritual life and realized their nakeness and they inherited the sin nature at that point. Since then we are all born with a sin nature, but without spiritual life. This is why we must be born again or born from above. Without spiritual life you cannot have eteranl life.

    God bless you!


  8. Hi Aquila,

    You are very welcome. I’m happy that I was able to bring a little clarity to my point, and that we are in agreement about Adam and Eve’s natures. Now to get to the really interesting stuff.

    They had always been naked. They were created naked. They were in the presence of, and communed with God naked. It wasn’t until their nature had changed that they felt shame in being naked. Now if being naked in and of itself is sinful, then they were in sin from the moment they were created. However, we know that wasn’t the case as has been pointed out. So what we are left with is that their nakedness was transformed into something shameful by sin. But then that’s just what sin does, doesn’t it? It corrupts the natural order to something in opposition to that which God created.

    When they ate the forbidden fruit, they defied God. They didn’t just sin, they became sin. There was something in them that flipped from being in harmony, and union with God, to being in dissonance, and opposition to God. It was a change in nature that would be imprinted on every man, and woman that would be born afterwards, and a curse that wouldn’t be broken until Jesus.

    Before I go on, I want to clarify something about sin. The Bible tells us that the wages of sin is death. I believe it’s using that phraseology intentionally to denote that the death is earned by our works in sin, not simply because we have sin inherently within us. So that if a man was to live his whole life without the fruit of sin being born from him, he would not have “earned”, or been deserving of death. As was evidenced by Christ. But as the law was given to us to teach us, it is impossible for man not to sin. Because to be in sin is to be disconnected from God, and apart from God we can do nothing.

    It wasn’t until God himself, in Christ Jesus, was born into sin, sinned not, yet paid the wages of sin that the curse was broken. It is through Him that the way to overcome, change our natures, and become new creations occurs. This is the essence of being born again. To be born with a new nature, a God nature.

    Thank you for sparking this discussion. Peace, and blessings to you, in Jesus’ name.


  9. Although it’s been a considerable time since we initially had this conversation, it has provided an opportunity to reflect, and study things out a little further.

    I originally concurred with you Aquila, that the change which occurred in man at the Garden event was a change in nature, not necessarily one going from spiritual to something else, but a change none the less. However, I don’t feel that is the case anymore. I believe “the fall” is referring to a decline in status, and relationship of man to God, and not having anything to do with the condition of man’s nature. I believe that the texts, including those referenced before, support this when carefully studied.

    For example, Gen 2:7, which was used to support the idea that man was created with a spiritual nature, actually confirms the opposite, that man was created as a living creature, i.e flesh, and blood. 1 Cor 15:42-49 fleshes this out even further, no pun intended. We can see from the text there that indeed, man was created perishable, with a natural body. It goes on to say that the natural comes first, and then the spiritual. Adam, and Eve were not spiritual in nature, but very much flesh, and blood people just as we are today.

    Adam, and Eve were created without having committed any sin, but they were not created without sin. The distinction here being that the former does not preclude them from future offence, which does occur, and the latter implying a total absence of the potential to sin. Satan presents the opportunity for them to sin in the Garden, and even greased the skids for them, but Satan didn’t make them do it. It was a free will choice, therefore they had full ownership of the sin which they committed. This occurred because not having the true nature of God, being sinless, but only being in His image, with free will providing the potential for sin, they were incapable of avoiding it. Sooner or later, they would have sinned.

    The emphasis here shouldn’t be on Adam, and Eve though, but rather on God. God is the uncreated, and something created cannot be in fullness that which cannot be created, hence why only in His likeness. Man came into being perishable, and God provided a way to make the perishable, imperishable, and His name is Jesus Christ.

    I bring this back up because it’s important to reinforce that Christ truly is the perfection of man. All emphasis should be on Him, and point to Him, and I see the real danger of weakening the efficacy of the Gospel by introducing what seems like an inert belief, but which ultimately robs Christ of His full credit, and glory. The change in man’s nature occurs when we go from the natural, to the spiritual; from death, to life. That transition occurs when we go from being in the world, which we are born into, to living in Christ, which we have to be born again into.

    In no way am I intending this as condemnation, but this is rather born out of a place of genuine concern, and compassion. Our God is awesome, and His love for us is truly unfathomable. I hope that in some small measure that is reflected in what I have said. I pray that our Heavenly Father forgive me for my shortcomings, and the Holy Spirit be the one to lead, and teach here. Peace, and blessings.


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