Ready For Revival?

Here is an excerpt from a short book that describes a recent revival in a small town in the Midwest. There’s a lot of talking and praying about revival, as there should be, but most people really have no idea of what they are asking for:

“Pastor Steve says the main reason people pray for an outpouring of God in their church and don’t receive it is that they are not really as desperate as they think they are. They are not yet willing to make room in their lives for a move of God. They want God to come and make their church better, make their lives better, make their people better, but they are not willing to give up their lifestyles and allow God to do as He pleases. They are not willing to give up some of their religious doctrines and methods, their golf and TV, or their sports and hobbies to make room in their lives for a move of God. God does not send revival to bless our plans and make the things we want to do better. Revival will totally change the way we live, the way we think, and the way we do church. Deep in their hearts and minds, most are not yet really ready for such radical change.

The reason an outpouring comes and remains only for a season is basically the same. The people have come to a level of desperation and cried out to God until revival comes. Sometimes it is the pastor or leadership of the church that is crying out to God for an outpouring and the congregation is slow to follow, but at other times it is people in the congregation crying out to God for revival and the pastor or leadership is dragging behind. When both the leadership and the people come together in seeking an outpouring from God, and make room in their lives for a move of God, it will come. The reason it does not remain permanently is that the people or the leadership begins to be concerned again about the things of this life. Pressures and desires for natural things begin to rob them of the room in their lives for the move of God, and it will not continue.

The church in general, through the years, has seen moves of God come and go, so many people have come to believe that it is the plan of God for there to be hot spots and seasons of revivals and spiritual outpourings and for those to then fade away. It is not God’s plan for our fervor and His presence to fade away due to our declining interest and unwillingness to make room in our lives and churches for the move of God to continue. Indeed, there are phases of revelation and restoration that cause an exciting emphasis on the freshly returned gift or manifestation for a season. That exciting emphasis will fade as further gifts and works are restored; yet they remain in the church. It is God’s plan that we move on with each new piece of revelation and continue forever to walk in His presence, in His Spirit. It is His plan that we continue to bring His kingdom of heaven ways into the earth. Revival is changing our world into a reflection of the kingdom of God in heaven on earth, the way God designed it to be.”

To read one man’s testimony of a genuine revival you can go here:

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