Global Chaos Increasing Into 2016

Recently I have been having some interesting discussions on current events and I feel I should share my thoughts as well as some of my sources. Below is a good short video that talks about the future of the US Dollar. I know there is a lot of fear-mongering and anxiety about the potential crash of the US Dollar because of the massive injection of dollars into the global supply through QE 1, 2, and 3 over the past few years, but these commentators feel that the demand for dollars still easily outpaces the supply, and so the US Dollar will continue to rise in value globally, as it has been drastically since the middle of 2014.

The man on the right in the video above is Gordon Long, and the man on the left is Charles Hugh Smith. He lives in Hilo , Hawaii, and I feel Smith is one of the most intelligent economic forecasters in the world today. Follow his blog at (Thank you Terry DeGraff for reminding me of his work).

Right now the only potential threat to the American-led dollar-dominated economic block (made up of the US, EU and Japan), is the so-called BRICS alliance (of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and Southafrica). But really now, how serious of a threat are they to Wall Street, the City of London, the FED, and the US Military, even if they managed to truly form a united front? Remarking on the potential for a global economic crash in the near future, Smith and Long both agree that this is extremely unlikely, with Long saying that if a crash does occur, “the US Dollar will be the last to fall, even though it is the problem.” As usual, when the global economy starts to get shaky, the world runs to the SAFETY of the dollar, rather than running away. The BRICS are a long way off from being able to offer a credible dollar alternative.

But what about the National Debt!!?? And what about the historical fact that all fiat currencies eventually collapse!!?? We can’t sustain our debt or even our interest payments for much longer, and our children or grandchildren will eventually be forced into slavery to pay it back!! Shouldn’t we fight for a return to the Gold Standard, the foundation of God’s true economy!?

Yes, I hear these hysterical remarks constantly. The reality is that every currency is merely a social construct, whether it is backed by gold or a fiat currency backed up by faith and power. Folks, we are in a new world now, and the old classical liberal economic understanding is out of touch and far out-dated. Just as the FED was able to bail out the TBTF banks with billions of dollars in instant relief, so can the US Treasury mint a “trillion dollar coin” and give it to the FED to pay off the debt! I don’t understand it all, but I do realize that we can’t view the complicated world of modern economics like accountants adding up numbers and trying to balance spreadsheets. Look, the entire global economy is based on debt. If the debt were to be paid back there would be no circulating currency anywhere!

The reality is that the debt is really just a big joke, and is never intended to be paid back. Everyone involved knows this, even the bond-buyers. They understand that we must simply keep the current system together and everything will be fine. And this system is the most powerful the world has ever seen, backed up by more military might than was even imaginable a generation ago. When foreigners buy US debt they are not directly betting on the dollar. They are betting on the global alliance of the masters of the global marketplace, and their position as the power behind the US Military and NATO.

What the global economy runs on is faith and power, and all the power seems to flow from Manhattan Island, and to a lesser extent, the City of London, with lesser satellite branches in Frankfurt and Tokyo. It is Power that the marketplace places their faith in, which directs the flow of capital around the world. I don’t see any major events happening, economic or otherwise, that will shift the center of power away from its current base. Recessions and depressions will come and go, but the Beast marches on, grinding up everything in its path with iron teeth.

So what about the BRICS?

I think that when the BRICS become a serious threat they will be dealt with accordingly. The plans are already in place.  The whole Ukraine thing is a plan to bring Russia in line. I think in the West we are terribly misinformed of what is really going on there, and the propaganda of an aggressive Russia that “must be stopped” is the exact opposite of reality. The US and EU are the aggressors! The manipulation of the price of oil has been a deadly wound to the Russian economy, as well as to the Arab gulf states and Venezuela. Look for major problems in all these nations soon.

Regarding China, right now the US Military is involved in this thing called the “pivot to Asia” which is aimed directly at bullying China. I actually think China is in big trouble (see video above). First of all, they are already heavily invested into the dollar system. Furthermore, the children of all the Communist Party bosses are now corporate CEOs, often competing against each other. Wait until the next generation when they are in charge. There will be terrible infighting as they bicker over their “inheritance.” Even now there is an upsurge of elite wealthy Chinese leaving China. Could we perhaps see the future breakup of China into several competing states? You see, the values of commerce are overtaking the values of national solidarity in China, and the next generation of the Chinese leadership will be easy to divide and manipulate because capitalism has made them much more selfish.

Lastly, over in India the relatively new religious right-wing government is very market-friendly. The fascist Hindu caste system is a perfect match for free-market capitalism. Business owners are brahmins, while the laboring poor are the untouchables. I don’t think their merchant kings will be willing to do anything to upset the current system that would cut into their bottom line.

Basically I think the BRICS threat is over-hyped. Just another ENEMY to be called out on Fox News, to foster anxiety and ensure patriotic support for the Beast.

Looking at the Big Picture I think we are being set up for a massive violent military power-grab by the next US Administration. Regardless of who is elected in 2016 I think the next President will have momentum and popular support to assert US power globally, at the expense of Russia, China, and the Arab nations. I think the EU will benefit, as will Israel, big time. It’s all about propaganda and manipulation. I think the world will be allowed to become increasingly chaotic thru 2015 and into 2016, so that the screams of the American people (driven by Fox News and the rest of the MSM) that we must “DO SOMETHING!” become deafening. Obama is playing his role perfectly. He’s acting like a passive impotent puppet, and most Americans will cheer when a new actor comes on the scene to finally “TAKE ACTION!” and bring order to the chaos.

It is in times like these that we must be very careful to not get caught up in the carnal passions that rise up in all the chaos. Fear can drive people to do terrible things, or to latch on to terrible ideas. For Heaven’s sake, people, turn off Fox News! And turn off CNN and all the rest of the MSM machine as well, for that matter. Let’s not be a useful cog in the Beast’s machine. Let’s represent the Kingdom of Heaven instead. Fearlessly, boldly, full of love and the power of the Holy Ghost. It is the only thing that can offer true and lasting solutions to the world’s many problems!

Until next time,

Peter Goodgame




6 thoughts on “Global Chaos Increasing Into 2016

  1. It’s quite interesting Peter that you may have seen the breakup of China. Years back the analysis was that China divided would make 50 United States by population. The most notable impact would be a population explosion. No worry to me since the abundance of the solar system can more than sustain exponential growth through the time of the return off Christ.

    And more than any other driver it’s likely that the expanding population fuels economic growth. That’s also likely the rationale for uncontrolled borders. And yes prophecy clearly points to the luxury markets of the babylon system till such time as the 10 Horns destroy it.

    Considering junk bonds and such, some other currency will likely take the place of any that become insolvent.

    The wild card though is “the rule of return,” that God is not mocked and we assuredly reap what we sew.

    As countries abort more and more of their continuing generations, literally wiping out – not just one – but all successive generations of those aborted, then economic collapse is guaranteed — by the Hand of The Almighty!

    On theme then, those that sew the wind will reap the whirlwind.

    Grace, mercy, and peace – in the name of Yeshua Messiah – even Jesus Christ.


  2. I’ll agree with one thing you said”I don’t understand it all”. I think you need to go outside Hawaii to find some more relevant opinions to Geo politics/finances. Some of the points made hear are just outright wrong. For instance calling Frankfurt part of the US/EU Beast is looking more temporary by the day. Right now there are many EU states that are ready to jump to the Russian side. Germany is sick and tired of the EU, Greece is days from joining the Russians and many, many others are contemplating jumping ship. The BRICS make up way more than half the worlds population and like I said their Gold money policy is looking more attractive to all these states that are sick of the US led fake money paradigm.
    The EU is in dire straights and will be the first to collapse. Once this happens the world will follow. Right now deflation is where we stand which is always the precursor to the inflationary crash. 2015 has started out with massive upheaval in world economies and they seem to be coming in almost daily bursts, which is not the normal bi-monthly time frame for major news.
    One other point I entirely agree with you on is Turn off your televisions. They are NOTHING BUT propaganda for these sick money worshipers. The internet has plenty of great sources of information from Miles Franklin news letter, SGT Report and Jim Willie to name but a few. Listen to as many as possible before one believes anything. My point being one persons opinion is a dangerous thing. I would rather have planned needlessly than to not have planned when all hell breaks loose.


  3. I agree with Holly Totally, Armstrong makes quite a few salient points- And is the only economist who has ever (to the best of my knowledge) predicted a market turning point to the exact day. I Have personally been out of the religious loop for quite a while now since most of my close friends were sucked into the Judaizing Roots movement, and as an ex SDA – I couldn’t ever never ever never ever fathom going back there into the justification and sanctification by the law movement.. BTW Peter- Did you take some of your ideas or your material on the Exodus from the old SDA- Taylor G Bunch, His book ‘The Exodus in Type and Antitype written decades ago- makes many of the same parallels that you do in your latest writings- I believe you can still find his books through the leaves of autumn bookstore.

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  4. Armstrong makes the point that it in the next major market downfall, (which will be brought about by a rising dollar) the thing we as citizens need to be most concerned with, is that Governments around the world- which are concerned with saving their own skin- turn to a totalitarian type of cashless system to enforce the payment of taxes, tracking down every last nickel in an attempt to force a continually growing larger and more powerful Govt upon the people. Personally I think Armstrong is right, but I am not afraid whatever way this turns out because I know Jesus is still in control.

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