Holy Hand Grenades in Paris

On January 6 the first episode of the new Holy Hand Grenade podcast was released. This show is meant to highlight the personal testimonies of people who are very close to us and a part of our lives. Their stories encourage us and testify to the power, love, and faithfulness of God. Our prayer is that they will inspire many people to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness above everything else, and step into a life of miracles and answered prayers!

Our first interview was with Paul and Amber Payne, highlighting Amber’s transformation from living a year as a homeless alcoholic in Aala Park in Honolulu’s Chinatown, to finding God, finding a church family, finding a husband, and now finding her place alongside Paul as a powerful minister of the eternal Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ!

The interview was recorded back on Saturday, December 27, on Paul and Amber’s home island of Maui. At that time they also shared with us some personal details regarding where they felt God was leading them in ministry. They explained that the seeds of this desire were planted over a year ago, and that recently this direction for them was being powerfully confirmed in numerous ways. They explained that God was calling them to sell their stuff, pack their bags, and move to Paris, France!

This was shocking to us at first, but as they shared we became convinced that we should support them in this new endeavor. France was already on my radar because I had just signed with a French publisher to have some of my online research published and translated into French. The title of the book is, “The Globalists and the Islamists: Fomenting the Clash of Civilizations for a New World Order.” The English version is now available, with the French version coming soon. Strange that my work on Islamic Fundamentalism would be picked up at this time, and translated into French, no less!

As I said earlier, the first session of Amber’s three-part interview was released as a podcast on January 6. The very next day, January 7, the entire world was stunned by the brutal Charlie Hebdo massacre, as gunmen apparently stormed the offices of a satirical magazine in Paris, and murdered about a dozen people in cold blood. It seems that Paris is at the center of a convergence of cynical post-modernism, arrogant secularism and rampant hedonism, while dealing with a simmering Islamic fundamentalist resentment that is becoming increasingly more violent.

Fast-forward now to last night, Saturday, January 17. Paul and Amber have come back to Honolulu to announce their future plans at Nick and Faye’s house church, God Quest Kingdom Ministries. It was amazing to hear Paul and Amber preach from the heart and share how they know that God has called them to Paris to be a light in the darkness, to be representatives of the Kingdom of Heaven, and to be ambassadors of the Prince of Peace! I can only imagine the explosions of power and love that will follow them wherever they go as they preach and teach about our Father’s Heavenly Kingdom of love, forgiveness, mercy and miracles. It will be a beautiful thing!

gloryhole1On our way to this powerful little Holy Ghost house-meeting we happened to get stuck in traffic on the H-1 Highway. I found myself getting a little impatient, but then I noticed something strange in the distance. It was a little opening in the clouds that turned into the most amazing sunset I have ever seen! Later on I shared with Paul and Amber that I felt that this hole in the clouds was a prophetic sign of God opening up a way for them, a heavenly gate that no man can shut, for them to fulfill what God has called them to do. Pictures cannot really do it justice, but here are a few of what we saw.

gloryhole2At the meeting we also talked a little bit together about the spiritual climate in Paris, and our good friend Pastor Paul Chan shared that he felt that events in Paris were having an effect of softening the hearts of the people to prepare them to hear the true message of the Gospel of the Kingdom. Everyone was greatly touched by the faith and boldness displayed by Paul and Amber by their willingness to dive in to what God has prepared for them.

Paul and Amber plan to make their move to Paris sometime in late Spring of this year. They are doing their part to save and prepare for the costs of this gloryhole3move, but I know that they need some help. That is why my wife and I are committing to helping them financially, and I also want to invite anyone who feels led, who has been touched by their testimony, to support them as well. I have a DONATE link over at redmoonrising.com, and I have been periodically blessed by donations to my work and ministry, but I want to commit to handing over all donations that I receive through PayPal over the next month and a half towards supporting Paul and Amber. The direct link to supporting the new missionary campaign of Paul and Amber is right here. Please don’t hesitate to give as the Holy Spirit leads you! This couple is focused wholeheartedly on the Kingdom of God and I can assure you that their ministry is good soil that will bear much fruit for God.

In the meantime you can listen to the conclusion of our interview with Paul and Amber that was recorded back in December on Maui. In this final session Amber and Paul share how they met each other and how they clicked in ministry together. Amber was a part of our healing ministry from when we began in 2010, and Paul joined up with us when he moved here in 2012. Our ministry meets every first and third Saturday of the month, and each time we met Paul and Amber would share stories of how God had used them to evangelize and release miracles throughout the week.

To stream or download all three of these sessions you can go to https://soundcloud.com/hhgrenade

To stream them you can also go to http://www.mixcloud.com/pdgoodgame/

Who knows what the future may hold? I hear that Jesse Snow is now living in Quebec learning to speak French. Maybe we will all meet up next year and do another Iron Show from Paul and Amber’s apartment in Paris? What do you think about that, John McMahon?

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!

Aloha in Jesus’ Name,

Peter Goodgame

3 thoughts on “Holy Hand Grenades in Paris

  1. I noted with interest the events described in this post. I pray YHVH blessing on them. In regards to the book about the globalists / islamists, I am reading a book I’m sure Peter would enjoy, called Spyhunter by Michael Shrimpton a UK barrister of note, (attorney/ lawyer) who is also an intelligence specialist/ with may connections in the worldwide intelligence (both overt and covert) sphere. Already in the first 60 pages I’ve read quite a bit of astonishing revelations. I think he’s put out an important book detailing another puzzle piece for those interested in deciphering historical and present events, and he must have hit a nerve because an assassination attempt has already been made on him.


  2. My first post as I just started reading articles from MR. Goodgame, this is short because I have problems trying to sign up with wordPress.


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