The End-Times Pattern Is Being Established

I’m going to step outside the box here and analyze a few things. I am a Christian. I believe in Jesus and I do my best to live according to His teachings and to instruct others to do the same. I also believe that He is coming back. This is a dangerous belief to hold onto today, and many intelligent people will not hesitate to label this belief as irrational. Furthermore, I believe that when Jesus comes back it will be as a rescue mission, because He also predicted that when He comes back the world will be in the iron grip of the greatest evil power in history.

So how do we get from HERE to THERE? Today most Christians live in freedom and live their comfortable lives integrated within civilized society. Yet there will come a day when Christians are labelled as evil and anti-social. How will history evolve from where we are today, to a place in the future where basic Christian beliefs are considered irrational, dangerous, and evil, and Christians are persecuted and ejected from mainstream society?

What I propose is that Islam is a test case for what eventually will be undertaken against Christianity. Muslims hold on to many beliefs that outsiders consider irrational. Muslims label as “evil” what many do not see as “evil.” There is even a vocal and passionate minority of Muslims willing to engage in violence to confront what they perceive as evil, and they call this “standing up for what is right”. When this happens the rest of the world reacts in horror. Everyone justly condemns these acts, but many go on to condemn the very religion that birthed such acts. In this way the acts of a few are used as justification for a wholesale condemnation of the many.

There are a few Christians in high places of power and influence (in the media, in the government and in the pulpit) who are actually the most passionate in their condemnation of Islam. They even go against the teachings of their founder (Jesus) in calling for acts of revenge, and they passionately campaign for military and judicial action to “stop the spread of Islam.” What will happen if this campaign gathers strong support? What if our global community that is based on the pillars of capitalism and democracy actually comes together in an attempt to violently subdue the religion of Islam? Regardless of whether or not this attempt is successful, can we expect that this violent campaign against Islam would stop there? What will be next on the agenda? What will be the next great irrational evil on the radar screen, preventing human prosperity, unity, and collective evolution?

There are many things out there that Christians label as “evil” which the world no longer sees as evil. For now Christians seem to be comfortable because many of us still rule from high places over the many “mountains” of human society. But what happens if we continue to steadily lose our grip on power? What happens when the “Josephs” and the “Daniels” are ejected from the courts of Babylon? What happens when our insiders are turned into outsiders? And what will happen when a vocal minority of Christians respond to this alarming shift by using violence and revenge as an outlet for their fears? Many will look at Christianity as “irrational” and as a seedbed for “barbarism,” and use the actions of an unstable minority to justify judicial and military action against the whole.

The drumbeat of progress continues on. Collectively we are building the New World Order and it is based on the principles of capitalism and democracy, with the rule of law guaranteeing our “freedoms.” But throughout the world this “rule of law” is upheld by a bigger and bigger iron fist, and the “freedom” that it is protecting is proving to be an illusion. The capitalism that was once controlled to bring widespread prosperity is now being channeled to enrich the few at the expense of the many. The democracy that claims to offer political freedom and self-representation to everyone is turning into a melee of special interests fighting among themselves for the scraps falling off the table of the 1%. We are all trained to absolutely love capitalism but everyone’s biggest anxiety is their own financial future. We are all trained to love democracy but we all collectively hate the very politicians that we have chosen to represent us.

Yet in the face of this, the collective human imagination has gone blank, because we believe that we have arrived at an end-point to history, and that there truly is no other better way to live. Those who propose socialism over capitalism are met with a chorus of boos! We have tried that, and it didn’t work! Those who propose anything other than democracy are similarly dismissed as enemies of human freedom itself! We have truly arrived at the pinnacle of human society, and everything that resists our new social order must be beaten down into submission. Today the greatest threat to our global society seems to be Islam, as supposedly demonstrated by the few “true believers” willing to kill and die for their prophet. But Islam is not the only threat to our social order…

Looking forward we must ask ourselves as Christians, what will happen when the crosshairs of the Beast’s merciless killing machine re-focus on those who claim to follow Jesus? Many Christians will be willing to KILL in the name of Jesus, to respond to evil with evil, and to subdue their enemies for the sake of their own safety. What will stop the violent acts of these “extremist” Christians (whose voices are probably heard the loudest even today!) from being used as a catalyst to justify global repression of all Christians? The stage is being set and it does not look good if viewed from a carnal human perspective. Yet as the darkness increases the true light will shine the brightest, and the greatest challenge at the end of the age will prove to be our greatest opportunity!

Do not repay evil for evil or reviling for reviling, but on the contrary, bless, for to this you were called, that you may obtain a blessing.   1 Peter 3:9


Peter Goodgame

The Globalists and the Islamists: Fomenting the “Clash of Civilizations” for a New World Order

15 thoughts on “The End-Times Pattern Is Being Established

  1. I’m tired of hearing about the end times. I believe Jesus is coming back, but the rest is malarkey. I hold the preterist view. I believe Revelations has already taken place with the destruction of the temple in 70 AD. I’m not the only one. There are respected Biblical scholars who believe this to be true. Christianity is exploding all over the world. We don’t notice it so much here because we have lost our first love, but I’m encouraged that things are happening as they should. Joy to the world! The Lord has come! Let earth receive her King.


  2. Thanks for your comments Debbie. You know, as I was writing this I had the preterist viewpoint in the back of my mind. This is the idea that all the persecution and judgment of Revelation are already in the past, and all we have to look forward to is the victory of the Gospel throughout the world and the glorious and entirely peaceful return of Jesus as we all harmoniously evolve into the new heaven and new earth! Sounds good, but when I read the Scriptures I see the rise of lawlessness and false teachers in the end times and the total power of Babylon the Great encompassing the globe.

    On one extreme the dispensationalist view goes off-track and merges with Hebrew Roots in its literal expectation of the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy.

    On the other extreme the hyper-grace view goes off track and merges with Preterism and post-millennialism to paint a naive picture of end time that tries to whitewash the trajectory of global history and the clash of Kingdoms that comes to a climax at the return of Jesus.

    I’m looking for a middle ground between these two extremes and I have found Jesus’ teachings about the Kingdom as the key to understanding end times and the book of Revelation.

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  3. …sorry wrestling a cell phone. Christ is indifferent to other concerns which are rapidly passing, such as democracy, socialism, capitalism, etc.

    A web search will find a copy at house church central.

    That the Gospel thrives in the underground church where oppressed says much about transcending the situation.

    And that “the great multitude comes out of great tribulation” along with “out of every nation, tribe, tongue, and people” we see that Christ “bowls over” the empires of the world.

    So yes, seeing greco-roman western culture as a pinnacle if delusional. But plenty don’t … such as the transhumanist. And the re-emergence of post human hybrid (nephilim) “cultures” is a departure from the “scientistic” bent of modernism.

    I’d have to assert that the likes of Franklin, Jefferson, Adams, and Payne were greco roman rationalists. A delusion to be sure.


  4. Peter, you make some good points -as you always do.

    As we watch the scenario unfold in France, keep in mind that there are thousands of Islamic Jihadists right here in the US…training in Jihadist camps right here in the US. The Jihadists call them “Mosques”. They’ve been here for years. Our government has known about them all along and has done nothing.

    –Oh, I’m sorry. They are doing something. They’re importing tens of thousands more Islamic “refugees” into the US as we speak and settling them in Kentucky, Nebraska, and North Dakota.

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  5. I was very much interested to read your thoughts on the end-time pattern. Not so many years ago who would have thought that many who call themselves believers would question that Jesus is coming back. I believe you are onto something when you see Islam as a test case. But why shouldn’t a religion that births evil acts that are perpetrated against innocent people be condemned? As James says, Lust gets pregnant and has a baby: sin! Sin grows up to adulthood, and becomes a real killer.

    Jesus would say to you Peter, “The Kingdom of God is near you.” You have the right M. O., but he did not come to found a religion. Violence and revenge are wrong no matter who is doing it, Islam or Christianity. Not just a few that are doing it, but the source it came from. The darkness is fading away and the true light is already shining, but not in the world. In him and in you. (I John 2:8) You in me, and I in you (John 14:20).

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  6. This is a great article Peter. I often wonder if Christians listen to themselves as they talk about how to stop Islam and other factions through the use of violence. We never stop to think that God loves these people too.what makes us think that we have the right to use violence against people that we don’t agree with? How can we justify violent retaliations with the fact that God says, “I am love?” Is this the same God who would not even defend himself when being convicted in an unjust trial and then hanged on a cross?


  7. I am so confused in my heart over this very thing. I know Jesus loves Muslims as much as He loves me. However do we not have the responsibility to stand between the evil they perform and represent and the innocent people they harm. The gospel and Christ is the only way they will truly change, I know this. But are we to passively stand by as they inflict their reign of terror on the innocent.


  8. MR. Goodgame: Regarding this article I think you’re correct I have stated the same thing on news sites when Islam is debated. I’m positive these violent acts are being allowed for a reason, the same goes for allowing anyone to cross our borders here in the U.S. I cant think of a better way to declare Martial Law when the violence begins which will ensure a Police State. Many people are lumping all religions together including Christianity they are using the “Dark Ages” as their proof, I conclude this from many statements I read from yahoo commenters, also I believe Obama made such a comment a few days ago referring to that long and bloody era, but I haven’t heard him mention Islam’s violent history. My belief is that the moderate Muslims just perform Jihad in ways other than Violent Jihad, in America it’s Stealth Jihad through their many ABC Muslim organizations this Stealth/Silent Jihad began long before Obama came on the scene, he is just a reflection, a puppet of the Shadow Government that is using Islamists for their evil purposes, when they and the people who depend on government for their livelihood are no longer needed they will be destroyed. Please keep up the good work MR. Goodgame I’m new to your website and look forward to reading more and after reading some of your articles I plan on supporting your work financially starting in the very near future. I have long believed the prophecies of Isaiah, Jeremiah and Habakkuk are meant for America and I’m happy to find a scholar who believes as I do that but far more articulate. {):-)

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  9. Hello Carol Williams: I recently subscribed to the Barna Group I don’t know much about them other than the man George Barna who was a Christian that started the Barna Group to poll Christians in order to find out what they believe concerning the Scriptures, here is one that really shocked me because something like 43 percent of professing Christians in their poll believe that Satan isn’t Real but is just a Symbol of evil. I read an article just the other day from another source that the number is close to fifty percent of professing Christians believe that Satan isn’t real but a symbol. I don’t know what you believe but to me the Scriptures are very clear that Satan is Real, Not a Symbol.

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  10. When Jesus returns will he find faith on the earth? After reading Peter’s posting and these comments, I wonder.

    Jesus told us to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.
    In other words,understand the game being played and stay innocent throughout.

    To be wise as serpents first trust no man. Trust God. Then learn the many ways Satan deceives the whole world. We are taught to trust the food, the medicine, the science so-called, the money. Get an understanding of the propaganda tactics and psychological warfare played on populations through mass media. The Synagogue of Satan are masters at dividing people and swaying the mob. A bombing or mass shooting? How do you know who did it? Do you believe the media? The government? Don’t. Even if someone is caught, who trained and funded him, or is he a patsy or mind controlled victim? Don’t believe what the media reports. Don’t vote for or believe politicians. Many extremist groups are funded and trained by intelligence agencies through cutouts for political ends. We’ll never peel back all the layers of lies hurled at us on a daily basis and don’t waste your time.

    Understand that the world is evil and violent as orchestrated from the top but we have to be an example of peace, love and a sound mind in the midst of it all as Jesus was when they came for him with clubs as against a robber. We must pray for his will rather than ours to be done. When you hear evil tidings, silently pray “Thy Kingdom come.”

    You don’t know God’s will in his dealings with the nations. We don’t have the big picture. He raises up one nation to exact judgement on another.Jesus and the early church were not out condemning the brutal Roman Empire or agitating for political reform. Judea was under occupation because of disobedience and unbelief. Maybe the rise of Islam is for judgement against supposedly Christian people is to lead them to repentance. Moslem extremists call us the Great Satan. Maybe there is a message for us in that. We have the bible yet we are an example of materialism and lust before the world. Look at the blessings and cursings for the nation of Israel (which applies to our nation today). We complain about illegal and legal immigration of subversives like Moslems (used to be communists but they are entrenched here already) but national cursings include giving our nation over to a people whose language we do not understand and a removal of our prosperity and pride of our power and sickness bad weather and famine.

    We are scattered, spirit led individuals–ambassadors of God’s Kingdom living in the countries of this world. We need to be spiritually mature as we live amongst carnal people whom God is dealing with (including mostly carnal Christians).Rebel only against any law that requires you to disobey God including taking up arms against your fellow man. Trust God to help you obey him by asking for a hedge of protection around your family.Rebel against your own sinful nature.Refuse to get caught up in this world’s politics and hatreds which are stirred up by the devil’s deception.Remain unspotted from the world.

    Pray for deliverance daily and then go out living acts of love and talking to God often. We may be used as martyrs in service to God at the end but we may be saved out of many situations leading to that and maybe we will escape the coming hour of trial if God so chooses.

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  11. One more point: Remember always it is not flesh and blood we wrestle against, it is spiritual powers in high places we wrestle against. So every time we are tempted to direct our hatred at other people, groups or countries we take the place of God as though we have the big picture and can dispense judgement. Vengeance and is God’s domain. We have to remember that people are deceived and under the sway of Satan. We are to stay peaceful and pray for God to handle the heavy lifting, our burden is light with him.


  12. The Scriptures make it clear that Satan the devil is a spiritual being but he is real. He was a high-ranking angel who was cast out of heaven for wanting to assert himself as the Most High (Isaiah 14; Ezekiel 28). He took the form of a serpent to bring down and ruin the first man and woman; he challenged God to test Job; he made a point of tempting Jesus who called him the father of lies. Michael the archangel, his counterpart, disputed with him. He is symbolized as the great red dragon, this accuser of God’s people, deceiving the whole world and trying to destroy Israel in Revelation 12, but when Jesus returns he is bound and finally cast into the lake of fire.

    The title ‘Christ’ was inserted in scripture by Satan to define Jesus and replace the Messiah. The Christ has become a figure by himself, ironically the antichrist, but this figure will meet the same fate as the devil. Those who love Jesus and are born again will have refuge in the Kingdom of God.

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