The Market Marches On

The US Dollar is once again solidifying its place as the foundation of the global economy as it has steadily gained in value over the last four months. It is truly the currency of the New World Order, with its imagery of the phoenix, the pyramid, the all-seeing-eye, and the motto of Novus Ordo Seclorum.

Another item of note is that Apple Corporation has just set a new value record. On Thursday, November 13, it reached a new market cap of $666 billion dollars. Yes, the greatest and wealthiest merchant in the history of the world is now worth over $666 billion and climbing… and its symbol is a perfect picture of the forbidden fruit.

If you have kept up with my research on Babylon the Great you will understand that there is a great transformation from Genesis to Revelation as mankind’s rebellion against God comes full circle. Eve’s lusting after a single fruit is transformed into her lusting after all the “fruits” of the global marketplace, which in the end prove to be only temporary and worthless. The fruit itself transforms into the commodities of the global marketplace, whereas the role of the tempting serpent is picked up by the merchants of Babylon who are the world’s great men. In the end Babylon plays its role as the world’s great end times Maximum Temptation Delivery System to perfection. Again, please recognize the seriousness of the fact that Babylon’s greatest merchant is symbolized by a fruit with a bite taken out of it. If you recognize that God speaks to us through signs and symbols then you can’t dismiss this specific connection and what it says about our global society today.


I truly believe that the most powerful “secularizing” trend over the past two hundred years has been the triumph of the merchants and the rise of the marketplace to take over virtually every aspect of society and human relations. The “love of money” which the Bible identifies as the “root of all evil,” has been promoted and defended as the proper foundation of a “free” society. At the same time virtually everyTHING and everyONE has been transformed into a commodity to be bought and sold for profit (see Rev. 18:13).

It strikes me as absurd that so many Christians will agitate and complain about every negative social trend that has emerged in the modern world, yet at the same time they cling to this thing called CAPITALISM and embrace it as that “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow.


In the early 1990s a man by the name of Francis Fukuyama wrote a book called “The End of History.” It became a best-seller and was embraced by Wall Street and the US foreign policy establishment. Fukuyama was rejoicing at the fall of the Soviet Union and declaring that modern mankind had reached an end-point to history. “Where else can we go, now that it is clear that there is no alternative to our modern society based on democracy and capitalism?” It was a triumph of the human spirit led by the USA, he said, and a global utopia was just around the corner!

However, this promised market-based utopia is never realized, while at the same time the world faces ever-increasing lawlessness. In response to this a typical prayer from the worldly American church goes something like this:

“Oh God, save us from the evils of abortion, homosexuality, pornography and everything else that the commodification of sex has brought us… Save us from the evils of consumerism, advertising, and the trashing of Christmas… Save us from the big banks that have won a monopoly over the commodity of money… Save us from the politicians who only obey the lobbyists and their billionaire backers… Save us from the forces that want to legalize and commodify all forms of drug use and from the effects of “legal” drugs that claim to offer the panacea for a society filled with broken people… Save us from the military industrial complex that reaps record profits through the commodification of warfare and the deaths of our children… Save us from our churches that are run on ‘business plans’ that resemble mini-corporations… (etc, etc…) But Oh God, thank you so much for showing us that CAPITALISM is the greatest expression of human liberty! Thank you for showing us the true way! Thank you for helping us export our “way of life” to the four corners of the world! Now help us, dear God, as the enemies of Capitalism become angrier and more bold! Help us HOLD THE LINE as we continue to promote your heavenly vision of maximum freedom for markets and merchants that is the end-point of your heavenly system of CAPITALISM!”

The prayer above is the end-times prayer of the blind and pathetic Laodicean Church, and I hear it echoed ceaselessly from too many pulpits and throughout Christian media. It’s simply a prayer that is prayed by a people who have been deceived and seduced by Babylon’s propaganda. Truly the Laodicean Church is a church that has made her comfortable home in Babylon the Great, and this Church only gets passionate when she must fight to maintain her way of life that is completely devoted to feeding the flesh.

We are taught that capitalism is a perfect match for democracy but the truth is that democracy and capitalism have always been unwilling partners. History shows that only deeply imprinted propaganda or bald-faced totalitarianism can support a capitalist society for very long. The very process of “pure” capitalism, based as it is upon competition and self-interest, leads only to the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Human history proves this fact, which contradicts the hollow utopian promises espoused by economic libertarians. With more freedom for markets and merchants wealth inequality increases and the people, turning to the ideals of democracy, cry out for the government to do something! … Which of course leads to SOCIALISM.

Yes, socialism is a terrible evil that oppresses and dehumanizes people, but we must understand that it is merely a derivative of capitalism, which is the FOUNDATIONAL EVIL from which socialism springs. Today on the far right, and from within the comfortable upper-middle-class leadership of the American Church, we hear that the best remedy for America right now (and indeed for the world) is MORE CAPITALISM!We must return to the system of free enterprise that made us great in the first place, they say. But the promises of capitalism are hollow. The end-point of pure capitalism is not “heaven on earth,” but riches for the few and slavery for the many, as we can read within God’s commentary on “The End of History” that is given to us in Revelation 18.

My God, Church, wake up! Capitalism turns LAND itself into a mere commodity to be accumulated by the wealthy few and exploited for profit, which was something that God clearly prevented in the simple economy of ancient Israel, and in his disbursement of the various people groups to their lands (Acts 17:26). Within capitalism this sordid process of “capital accumulation” is SANCTIFIED and goes directly against what God Himself took clear steps to prevent!

Capitalism promotes a role for government that only protects the merchants and their markets, and leaves everyone else at their mercy. “Property Rights” and the “Sanctity of Contracts” are the bare bones of the ideal libertarian government. In this scheme creditors thrive and debtors languish. This was also something that the Lord expressly prevented by his system of debt forgiveness in Israel every seventh and fiftieth year. But today the greater mass of society and the world’s several hundred so-called “representative democracies” are all in DEBT! To whom, you ask? Well, they are in debt to the rich! There has never been such a massive discrepancy between rich and poor, or between debtors and creditors, in the history of the world! Again, by embracing “capitalism” as our LIFE SYSTEM we have in fact SANCTIFIED a process that God Himself took clear steps to prevent!

This situation is simply the logical endpoint for a world that has witnessed the strategic empowerment of “Maximum Freedom for Markets and Merchants” that has been the goal of capitalism from the beginning. We can blame politicians, bankers, or global CEOs all we want, but they are simply playing out their logical role and function in this great end-times system that is ruled by Babylon, the Great Whore. We can get angry at bankers, or at politicians, or at “SOCIALISM!” all we want, but until we deal with the underlying system that is strangely based on FREEDOM, we will go nowhere.

“They promise them freedom, but they themselves are slaves of corruption. For whatever overcomes a person, to that he is enslaved.” (2 Peter 2:18-19)

It is time that we experience within ourselves a holy discontent with the man-made structures of the world, especially those structures that we have been deceived into embracing! There is only one Life System that can offer any hope to the human race today, and it is the Life System taught by Jesus Christ as part of His vision of the Kingdom of Heaven. This was never meant to be a message only pertaining to the after-life, and it was never intended to be a mere Belief System competing with other religions. Jesus came to deliver to us a new Way of Life, and to create a New Race entirely capable of living that new life by the power of the Holy Spirit! Everything we need to become the people that God created us to be can be gained if we simply seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. This is what we must be passionate about!

2 thoughts on “The Market Marches On

  1. Thank you for sounding the alarm. I for one have awoken, and YHWH God has led my family into a lifestyle of non-accumulation. The one thing I’d like to point out is that many Christians have been deceived into believing the opposite extreme from pro-capitalism, which is pro-socialism, and it’s equally dangerous. We as disciples are to work hard to produce resources which we can then freely give away to those whom the Lord leads us to help. By abnegating our responsibility to the government and letting it take vast sums of our income, we become unrighteous stewards and we forfeit treasures in Heaven. Plus, as we see happening more and more every day, the government will put our money towards war, ungodly research, inappropriate entitlements, the killing of unborn babies, and a host of other things which we as Christians abhor. Big government has never been the solution, just as greedy, unhindered capitalism is not the solution. It seems to me that the economic regulations that God gave the Israelites are the ones that we should emulate (and the ones Yeshua will enforce globally during the Millennium). I’m looking forward to the new Heaven and new Earth, when there will be no greed, no envy, and no lack of resources!


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