Explaining the New Exodus

Over the past few weeks I’ve received a great deal of support and encouragement for my recent studies on the New Exodus theme, and for my research beginning to show how the NE can be revealed as the underlying framework for New Testament eschatology, from the Gospels to Revelation.

As I continue to study and write and put together the pieces of the puzzle I am also in dialogue with a few good friends and fellow Bible scholars. Not everybody “gets it,” because many have already arrived at a comfortable end-times scheme, and they resist change.  But there are, I believe, a silent majority of Christians who remain open-minded because they recognize that no current scheme is perfect. I’m lucky to be in touch with a few good friends who are willing to hear me out and really understand where I am coming from.

I have created a new page where I have posted three emails that I have sent that explain my views further. Rather than wait to organize things into a more coherent presentation I thought that posting these emails would be a way to draw more people into the dialogue and at the same time keep people up to speed with where I am headed.

So check out some more commentary from me on the New Exodus here:


Comments here on the blog are most welcome.

God bless,

Peter Goodgame

One thought on “Explaining the New Exodus

  1. “In the early Church, Isaiah was considered the “Fifth Gospel” and 45 of the 66 chapters of Isaiah are quoted in the New Testament. The significance of Isaiah is reflected in the fact that the key New Testament term “evangelion” (gospel or good news) finds its root in Isaiah 40-55.”

    – From the book “Acts and the Isaianic New Exodus,” by David Pao



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