One thought on “The Sanctity of Marriage

  1. The Bride of Christ is the Body of Christ.
    Jesus is the Bridegroom and the Head of the Church.
    The Old Covenant, Testament, Contract, was a temporary one, meant to bring forth the God-Man, Christ Jesus, protecting the bloodline of Christ Jesus, and to keep those who belong to Him, spiritually safe and pure, until Jesus came to Earth to fulfill the Old temporary Covenant, Testament, contract.
    The old ways of sprinkling blood in the Holy of Holies was a symbolic sign of faith, that only covered our sins, as was all of the Law, the New Covenant does not cover our sins, but washes them away.
    Read Hebrews.
    There is no difference between Jew and Greek, freeman or bondsman, rich or poor, there is only one people in Christ Jesus alone.
    Satan, through the Antichrist and False Prophet, will deceive the majority if Christians to fall for the trap of supporting and condoning and fighting for the physical nation of Israel and that is how he leads the whole would into Armageddon, for how can you have a world war, and leave out a third of the worlds population, this is the Zionist deception.
    Let us keep the true Faith and teach the True Gospel of Christ Jesus and follow His Two Commandments, to Love Jesus, and love all people, and joyfully await His return for us very soon, to be married to Him.
    In the Beautiful Mighty name of our Lord God, King and Saviour; Christ Jesus, I pray; Amen, Hallelujah, Peace, and Maranatha.


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