Jesus Announces the Kingdom of God!

Part Two of my series on Jesus and the Law is available now at

———-The truth is that Jesus taught about the “Kingdom of God” from the very beginning of His public ministry right up until the very moment that He ascended into Heaven from the Mount of Olives.  It was a unified message from beginning to end and it was this very same message that Jesus commissioned His twelve Apostles to preach to all the world.  The “kingdom message” of Jesus was unified and it was also complete.  It did not need the additional revelation or insight of a thirteenth apostle to make it a complete message.  That is why Jude (v.3) could write of “…the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.”———–

One thought on “Jesus Announces the Kingdom of God!

  1. Wonderful article, Peter, and one I’ll be sure to reference in the future. I have a friend who has gotten sucked into consideration of Law Observance for Salvation, and this article helps put Jesus’s truly radical and present Kingdom message into perspective.

    On a related note, I have found that many teachings that realign people’s attention to the Sermon on the Mount and other commands of Jesus almost make things worse by making the person think they are eternally SAVED by following an even stricter moral law (because it is a stricter moral law!). Your article doesn’t do that, as it properly situates it as the operating principles behind the new Kingdom. We are to obey, but the obedience isn’t what leads to eternal security, it’s a characteristic of eternal security. King Jesus in our lives (Him alone being our righteousness) is what leads to obedience! Big difference. See

    I’ve found the works of Watchman Nee helpful in situating the believer in the Kingdom of God and understanding the truly radical spiritual walk we are on. He has a book called The King and the Kingdom of Heaven that looks promising and ties into this discussion. Perhaps you would find it useful from a “spiritual walk” standpoint as well?

    God bless you and yours this year!



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