American Politics: The Triumph of the Liberal State

Here’s a good (short) essay by John Médaille on how American “Conservatives” are responsible for the triumph of Liberalism in America today.

We need to “get” this, my friends!

If not, we will continue to be manipulated to the ongoing benefit of those who despise us.

The problem, according to Medaille, is that a long time ago the Conservative establishment exchanged the Christian view of man for the Liberal Enlightenment view of man. He writes,

“The Christian view of man, like the Aristotelian version which preceded it, saw man as basically a political animal, whose development and self-realization was tied to communities of family, neighborhood, city, Church, profession, and, ultimately, one’s nation, which was not ordinarily a nation-state. The human person only reaches his full potential within this dense network of relationships. Theserelationships were further characterized by a mutuality of rights and duties; one had rights only in andthrough these communities, and hence one had serious obligations these communities. “Rights”arose from one’s membership in communities, and were dependent on fulfilling one’s duties to the communities.

Liberalism takes the opposite view: the whole point of “liberation” is to free the individual from this network of obligations so that he might truly attain his liberty. This is not the “positive liberty” of traditional Christianity, directed towards the good of the person, but a purely “negative liberty” which merely means freedom from any external coercion. “Liberty” is this view means simply that a person may do whatever he chooses to do without hindrance from any other person, and most particularly without hindrance from any public authority. In this view, a negative “liberty” is the greatest good; hence “coercion” is the greatest evil.”

It would be well worth your time to understand what Medaille is saying.




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