Isaiah 17 and the Destruction of Damascus

One of the arguments that evangelicals use for viewing Isaiah 17 as a prophecy of the future destruction of Damascus is that it predicts the TOTAL destruction of the city. And because Damascus was not TOTALLY destroyed by the Assyrians and was in fact quickly re-inhabited, therefore the prophecy remains unfulfilled. So the key to a future fulfillment is that whoever attacks Damascus must raze it to the ground and do a better job of destruction than did the Assyrians over 2500 years ago (which was a very thorough job of destruction). But what if this doesn’t happen? On what grounds will evangelicals triumphantly claim “Isaiah 17 has finally been fulfilled!” ??? To do a better job than the Assyrians, who overran the entire city with ground troops, razed virtually all buildings to the ground, and ejected all of its citizens, would take a very sustained ground campaign, or perhaps the dropping of numerous nuclear warheads. A few hundred Tomahawk missiles simply won’t do the job.

I realize I am stepping out of evangelical apocalyptic orthodoxy here, but the more I think about this sordid business run by Barack-Bandar-Bibi, the more I am inclined to think that Isaiah 17 is being used simply to pull American evangelicals into support of the USA/Babylon global foreign policy agenda. I am strongly considering the possibility that what I wrote in my book back in 2005 was simply WRONG, and Isaiah 17 has already been fulfilled.  But I am open to dialogue…

As you consider this, and as you consider offering your thoughts, please remember my primary question: On what grounds will supporters of an end-times fulfillment of Isaiah 17 claim, “It has finally been fulfilled!” ?

Here’s the link to my original published work on Isaiah 17 from my book “Red Moon Rising”:

And here is a good analysis of the Syrian business from a non-MSM news source:


“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.”  Jesus of Nazareth, Matthew 5:9

13 thoughts on “Isaiah 17 and the Destruction of Damascus

  1. I think these questons are a waste of time.
    What are we doing about coming together as Sons of God & fulfilling the commands of Jesus found in John 14-17? Being One, Being Holy, Being Perfect, & Loving each other as the Father has Loved us?
    How about Being a community prepared for the destruction of America & Being ABLE to DO all the things Christ Jesus did & Greater things to the Glory of God, our Heavenly Father?
    Daniel talked about a group of people “Doing Great Exploits.”
    Are there any one out there that ready & willing “to sell all & follow the Master, getting out of this world’s system & coming together to establish the Kingdom of Christ Jesus?”
    Just wondering.


  2. Dear brother,

    IMHO Isaiah 17 will be fulfilled when GOD says it is fulfilled. And the fact is this prophecy and any other Bible prophecy is only fully understood AFTER it is fulfilled, so that Our Lord gets the glory and His word is shown to be true. If it had been fulfilled already we would know with certainty. Think of all the other prophecies that have already been fulfilled and how they came to fulfillment EXACTLY as the word said. For example look at all of the prophecies of Jesus Messiah.
    Has Damascus come to an end, or ceased from being a city?

    Sarah Beveridge


  3. Peter, My understanding of Isaiah 17 is that Damascus will be utterly and completely destroyed in one night. And Damascus will not be inhabited by people anymore with the exception of wild animals that will not be afraid of human contact, Only nuclear weapons can utterly and completely destroy a city of 4 million people in less than a night. It is also understood that people will be prohibited from re inhabiting the city because of widespread radiation contamination in the area of what was the city of Damascus.


  4. Have recently come to the conclusion that the powers that be have been playing us Christians for fools in their utilization of valid Biblical prophecies to gather support their own evil agendas. Breaks my heart to hear well meaning Christians supporting war and the senseless killing and enslavement of innocent humans. We’re supposed to be here to minister love and truth; not to steal, kill and destroy…….we now sacrifice our sons and daughters to sacrifice the sons and daughters of other people groups all to further the plans of the elite. Very, very sad.


  5. King James Bible

    A Prophecy about Damascus

    1 “The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.”

    When we see people afraid to build on the geography of the current city that Damascus, Syria currently occupies, I think we can say the prophecy has been fulfilled. Cruise missiles may not do it, but a couple of 10 mega-ton “Big Boys” would get the job done.


  6. Another thing about bombing Syria; Syrian land is not our land. The Syrian people are not our people. This is NOT our FIGHT. Why would Barack Hussein Obama “Take up the Cross” for 1400 Syrian casualties, and yet give the order to “Stand Down” when our OWN AMBASSADOR and the troops assigned to protect the Benghazi embassy called for help and rescue? HMMMM? Obama is a Mooslim Devil himself.

    I for one would NEVER pledge my blood, by son’s blood, or my grand children’s blood to replace one bad Mooslim dictator for ANOTHER bad Mooslim dictator. Again, this is NOT OUR FIGHT! This is a NWO chess move to isolate and ultimately destroy Israel.


  7. It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter…

    I was watching a television documentary a year or so ago that had researchers investigating the health of wolves in Pripyat Ukraine. The city has been a very spooky ghost town since its desertion in 1986 with the Chernobyl accident. The scene is surreal with all of the empty buildings, parking lots overrun with weeds and trees. Mold and peeling paint on the walls of houses, everything is disrepair, abandoned, forsaken. Everyone ran away leaving everything behind. Devastation was around – But there they were, the wolves were thriving and busy raising their pups! Wildlife was seemingly everywhere, fox, rabbits, insects, and birds were living in the radioactive zone. The rate of mutations is now approaching normal after three decades. The pictures were chilling, especially with the posted radiation danger signs – I suspect the animals did not bother to read the signs!

    Then it hit me like a brick! It had been there all along. I was re-reading Isaiah 17 and it completely made sense to me as though I should have understood it years ago. How long has Isaiah been waiting for us to see its obviousness?

    “The cities of Aroer are forsaken: they shall be for flocks, which shall lie down, and none shall make them afraid.”

    Isaiah is yelling at us that the type of destruction facing Damascus is the kind which excludes people – but still allows the animals to live there undisturbed. Very sobering indeed. I fear for the region and find I am in conflict with it. How do I pray that God not destroy the city and people – and yet not my will but yours be done?

    I have long thought that the complete destruction of Damascus would never happen on my watch, because I do not need, nor do most of my believing colleagues need such an amazing fulfillment to happen before the rapture. Why would we need more evidence? Tomas would not believe until our Master showed him His hands? How much more those who believe and have not seen? I would rather not see if you get my drift.

    The rhetoric these last months between Tel Aviv and Damascus make it virtually certain they intend to satisfy Isaiah. I too expect a soon P83 war and the world going out of control hating Israel afterwards as they are recovering with great spoil. Imagine the world hatred then? However – there must be a new normal, and calm, a time of business as usual must be in place. As it was in the Days of Noah and Lot, people will be eating, drinking, buying, selling, giving in marriage, and planting. This does not describe the seventh Bowl. He comes as a thief, during a new time of normal. So, I am now expecting a nuclear event along with P83. What a mess. I am reminded that many if not all prophesies have a near term, and a final fulfillment – one for the living prophet, one for that generation that sees the run-up to the Day of the Lord.



  8. Peter,

    It’s great to read that you are open to the possibility that something you wrote in the past was wrong…not easy to do. I find the same to be true with some of the things I wrote in Earthquake Resurrection.

    The key to understanding Isaiah’s prophecies, including Isaiah 17, is that he was writing in Hebrew poetic form. A major feature of this literary form is poetic exaggeration, and that is what Isaiah was doing in this case.

    In order to get his point across, Isaiah exaggerated the degree to which Damascus would be destroyed. It was not meant to be taken literally.



  9. I understand the idea that seems to point towards those who might be attempting to garner support from those Christians who would believe that even a partial destruction of Damascus would be enough to declare that end time prophecy surrounding it as being fulfilled, when all that’s happened is that they’ve been misled into throwing their support behind those in gov’t who’s agenda is definitely not Christian–but, why go back into the past and try and believe it had been destroyed 2,500 years ago, when the evidence for that is so lacking?–

    –why not try defending the definition of it’s destruction given to us in God’s Word–[total means total–uninhabitable means uninhabitable]–stressing God’s description of what happens to Damascus, including how quickly it’s completely, utterly destroyed, using that to counter any falsehoods surrounding what might take place if the U.S. begins pelting that city with anything that will not end in it’s utter annihilation?

    God’s own Word can end confusion if it’s understood properly, as well as believed as it should be, not doubted.


  10. Damascus did come to an end and cease to be a city for a while. I don’t see anything in the passage that says that it will come to an end, cease to be a city, and never be rebuilt, which is what I was lead to believe by Chuck Missler’s teaching. Perhaps there is something in the Hebrew I don’t know about?

    In response to Daryl, if God didn’t want us to think about these things then He wouldn’t have put them in The Word. Digging into God’s word is never a waste of time in my opinion. It is natural for a child of God to hunger for all of His word. That being said, I take your point that we can easily be distracted at the cost of seeking the lost.

    In response to Sarah, I’m not sure that as humans we always know with certainty when prophecy has been fulfilled? We don’t always have all of the information available to us to determine that.

    It is true, as you point out, that we often understand prophecy better after the fact, but it is never for a lack of specifics in the prophecy, but rather our inability to see clearly due to erroneous expectations. For example, the expectation of a conquering Messiah blinded the Hebrews to the suffering servant Messiah which is so plainly prophesied in Isaiah. I would say a prophesy is fulfilled when the specific events occur that were prophesied. We don’t always know when that occurs. It would be nice if God trumpeted the fulfillment of every prophecy, but I think He expects us to know His Word and watch for ourselves.

    If Damascus is to be destroyed again, I can easily envision a scenario where it could happen. If Israel is hit with a major strike of chemical weapons, it is within their capacity and audacity to drop a nuke or two in retaliation. However, as far as I can see, there is no indication that Damascus must be destroyed AGAIN.

    I would not be too quick to read conspiracy into those who expect this to happen. Many people have been wrong about prophecy before and there are all kinds of things that cause that.


  11. I believe that the most probable scenario for the Biblical prophesied destruction of Damascus would be if Syria attacks Israel with chemical and biological loaded missiles. Israeli Jews have had a recent history of being gassed by devils in human form. Israel retaliates with nuke(s) on the city of Damascus; completely and utterly destroying the city. The city will no longer be a habitation for people. The world of sinners, satanists, devils, unbelievers, and nominal Christians will then oppose Israel with the same maniacal, murderous, anti-antisemitic fervor of the same level and intensity of the Nazis.
    Come soon Lord Jesus! Amen! Even so Come quickly Lord Jesus! Amen!


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