Destroying the Sovereignty of Nations

At the end of the Cold War the USA was recognized as the dominant superpower on the planet.  Of course she had been the dominant superpower since the end of World War II, but after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989 this fact became undeniably apparent.

The end-game for this world’s system known as “Babylon the Great” is a totalitarian world government in which every person is locked into a global financial system.  In order for this to be achieved one of the necessary steps was to destroy the independence and sovereignty of the world’s nations.  This was done using American foreign policy and the “unholy trinity” of global institutions: the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank, all beholden to Wall Street, backed up by the power of the US Military as well as the power of the $USDollar$ wielded by the Treasury and Federal Reserve.

Investigative journalist Greg Palast here offers up some explanation of how this insidious plan was pushed forward by the overthrow of the Glass-Steagall Act and the de-regulation of Wall Street’s big banks. This de-regulation scheme was then implemented WORLDWIDE through the WTO, leading directly to the global financial crisis of 2007.

The global crisis that we are still struggling to get out of is believed by many to have been carefully orchestrated by these same players.  I don’t necessarily agree that such a high level of orchestration was involved -it seems to have been more of a miscalculation-  but I do agree that the ruling ideology of “Neoliberalism” uses every CRISIS to consolidate more and more power for the true rulers of the world who are the masters of the global marketplace.

“Your merchants were the world’s great men…” (Revelation 18:23)

What exactly is NEOLIBERALISM?  It is an ideology based upon the basic principles of capitalism with a metaphysical admiration of the MARKET AS GOD, shamelessly utilizing the power of the STATE to ensure maximum freedom for money, markets, and merchants, with a parallel decrease in freedom for sovereign nations and the great mass of the world’s poor people.

The following article explains a little bit how this ruling ideology was originally formed by the very people whom many American Christians and Conservatives have mistakenly honored as “heroes of liberty” :

It seems that when we misunderstand our identity as citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven our loyalties can be easily manipulated and swing wildly across the political spectrum from Right to Left to Right again.  Ultimately our only hope is to return back to embracing and implementing the basic teachings of Jesus Christ.  We can pray and cry out for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit all we want, but if we don’t have this foundation of simple faithful obedience everything else is in vain.


Peter Goodgame

One thought on “Destroying the Sovereignty of Nations

  1. thr USA wants total world domination they are willing to support Islamic fascist to repress the christain of Syria in order to do so


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