The Golden Rule

Christianity and all of the other great religions of the world all claim to be more than just “belief systems” dealing only with hypothetical questions about eternity, because each of them teaches rules, values, and principles that are supposed to guide their adherents in everyday life.  In the same way Capitalism teaches rules, values, and principles that guide its billions of faithful adherents in everyday life.  However, Capitalism stands starkly apart from all of these world religions by the fact that it teaches that the ethic of “love they neighbor” is over-rated and unnecessary or, in some cases, actually bad for the prosperity of the individual and of society at large.  Isn’t that truly stunning and noteworthy?  Who in their right mind would actually teach that “love thy neighbor” is an ethic detrimental to society, even while Jesus Christ Himself emphasized that it was the most important rule governing our human relationships?

Well, we must recall that Jesus predicted that the appearance of false prophets would precede the decline of love, and it is the promoters of Capitalism who have helped to fulfill this prophecy.  The merchants and their ideological lackeys over the last few hundred years, men such as Bernard Mandeville, Adam Smith, Ludwig Mises, Friedrich Hayek, and Milton Friedman, as well as Ayn Rand (who is referred to by her biographer as “Goddess of the Market”), have all expressed their contempt for this most basic and fundamental teaching of Jesus Christ.  Whether it is referred to as love, charity, sympathy, benevolence, or altruism, these prophets of Mammon have done their best to destroy the ethic of “love thy neighbor” by promoting “buying and selling” as a more sophisticated, fulfilling, and profitable alternative. In so doing they have helped to prepare the end times zombie horde for its final judgment.

For further analysis of the Golden Rule, of its spiritual roots, and of its relationship to the great secular religion known as Capitalism, check out the page I have recently created here:

One thought on “The Golden Rule

  1. I’ve never heard anyone say capitalism teaches you should love your neighbor less. Unbelievers abuse all types of economies because they are unbelievers, not because the economic system is flawed. A capitalistic economic system, practiced within a Christian world view is in my view, the best economic model available.


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