11 thoughts on “The Zombie Apocalypse and the Decline of Love

  1. I know it may not be the ultimate solution to the riddle, but two-thirds = .666. How ironic that numbered gets stamped on the sell-out masses who have lost what makes them human.


  2. The Zombiefacation of the USA Babylon nation has multiple causes and sources.
    First and foremost, there is the spiritual source: Satan and his demons and his ability to use all technology to promote his agenda of self/ ego, greed, lust of the flesh, and the pride of this life.
    Then there is the technology itself, pumping endless amounts of graphic violence, loveless sex, and mindless comedy, to both dumb down the masses, intellectually, and spiritually, and at the same time, create unthinking consumers, who “spend money they don’t have on things they don’t need.” (Carlin ref), who spend their whole lives trying to fill the God-shaped hole in their Soul, with material things and fleshly pleasure.
    There is also the possibility that mankind has entered into that final stage, when God our Father sends His Strong Delusion, so that everyone who does not know and belong to Jesus, will believe the lies of our enemy; Satan, and no amount of preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ will be able to save or convict them, this is the unforgivable sin, to deny the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ.
    The Lord God’s time table is speeding up and so is Satan’s time table, for he knows his time is short, and he is going to use all advancing technologies to deceive the masses and the nations, and most people will simply allow all of this technology to flood their minds,hearts, souls and spirits with brain washing, desensitizing images and sounds, and act and react whatever way they are programmed to.
    Even though we who know and belong to Jesus Christ, are safe in His Hands through His Holy Spirit dwelling within us, it is wise to walk in the light with our spiritual eyes wide open, to avoid the fiery darts of the enemy; Satan, and put on the whole armor of God, Ephesians 6, and study His Word and pray without ceasing.
    Also, we could all benefit from some downsizing, and life a more simple life, as minimalists, and avoid the programming of mainstream TV, movies, music, video games, magizines, and especially advertisements.
    Stop watching commercials, stop consuming so much and stop getting jammed with all of the electronic pollution, and ELF waves.
    Peace and Maranatha.


  3. Great Work Peter, thanks. Just when I think to stop reading articles along comes one which makes all the wasted time worthwhile!
    I am just reading Ayn Rand & wondering why I was feeling so agitated & that the characters were so obvious. Got the book from my daughters house after a strange incident with it convinced me that there was a message for me inside. My daughter is a publisher in the magazine industry who professes to be a Christian but more & more I see her being taken away & our relationship being torn apart, and with Peter Singer et al & Ayn I can now see why!
    Praise the Lord for the leading of his Holy Spirit, I know how to pray now!
    Maranantha Yeshua!


  4. Outstanding work, Pete. A lot of this has been rattling around in my head ever since the rise of the zombie/vampire nonsense, but you put it so perfectly into words.

    A key section of your work was the following:

    “This helps to explain why popular media seems to focus on two forms of apocalyptic destruction for the human race. One comes through a change that takes place biologically, reducing humans to the animalistic hunger-driven flesh-eaters of the zombie apocalypse (Zombieland, World War Z), while the other comes at the hands of the machines that we have built that turn against us (The Terminator, The Matrix). Sedlacek writes, “In the first scenario animals destroy us, in the second it is the robots that we ourselves have crafted. In both cases we fight the same thing: the apathy with which they tear us (humans) to bits.”

    Sedlacek argues that at the heart of the matter what humanity collectively fears is our loss of sympathy for each other. He writes, “If we lose it, we will become either animals or machines. That depends on which extreme we tend toward, whether the animal in us or the mechanical-rational. We have ontological fear of both.””

    Very perceptive analysis of end-time scriptures and current events.



  5. Thank you for you thoughts and insights. I follow you avidly. I read Dave Hunt’s book “A Woman Rides the Beast”, with which I know you are familiar and is full of insight, but feel sure there is more to the story. Please continue to “press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God which is in Christ Jesus.” I feel certain you are onto something here, after all, what would a capitalist do with the year of Jubilee?? I would, however, add that private property is absolutely Biblical.


  6. adam smith and milton friedman weren’t that bad in that both promoted a sharing of god’s earth. milton friedman even supported a citizen dividend. von mises, rand, and hayek were bad.


  7. the fruits of your toil is your own, but the earth is for all… private property rights and natural rights are at odds. the alchemy of land and labor is not absolute.


  8. There is a video on Godtube where a woman discusses how the bikini has changed over time. When a man sees a woman in a bikini, his ‘tool’ part of his brain increases activity. The part of his brain where empathy lies suddenly shuts off. In other words, whether women want to admit it or not, when men see women with little to no clothes on, we see them as objects. Period.
    Recently I just forwarded an article http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/southkorea/10138403/Surge-in-digital-dementia.html that talks about how the constant exposure to digital entertainment is causing a digital dementia. I’ve been trying to tell people this for years, that all the ‘adhd’ going around is probably our constant supply of TV, video games and computer activity. The constant flow of entertainment is literally killing our brains imagination and attention span centers.

    We’ve heard the old adage all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. I’m not so sure that’s true anymore. All play and no work makes jack a dumb boy. mentally lazy. incapable of any kind of depth to his thought process. I’ve thought about this recently too, when listening to the conversation between to younger girls the other day talk about their boyfriends and possible marriage. I realized how shallow most people think. Their whole life’s existence is about just bouncing off what immediately comes in to one of their 5 senses. They’re like mental water striders. No depth or real thought into anything.

    I’ve joked around for some time now watching people so obsessed with their cell phones they can’t even put them down when driving as ‘the proof zombies are real’. Another recent article http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/news/9084075/Rise-in-nomophobia-fear-of-being-without-a-phone.html that is about giving a name to people who are terrified to be without their cell phones. This is why I don’t use one and constantly try to encourage others that it’s OK to not have one…..really…….it is. I have a desk phone and magic jack for home use. I recently made a person jealous when I told him how great it is to not have a cell phone. I don’t have to be constantly pre-occupied by it, checking it 35 times a day on average. I don’t have to make sure it’s charged or plugged in. I don’t have to worry about breaking one or losing one. I don’t have the expense either….no really IT IS OK. I have faith in God. I rely on Him, not silly electronic gadgets. So far it’s been working out great and I don’t regret the decision one bit to ditch the mental ball and chain.

    When combining the effects on the brain through our over sexualization via porn or hollywood’s degenerate programming with the effects of over digital entertainment exposure, you could certainly build a case that zombies really do exist. They are literally shrinking the parts of our brain that involve love and critical thought! It is a plan by the master of deception himself of course. Probably why only the ‘elect’ will see through the lies before Christ returns.


  9. Zombies used to be poor enslaved souls that were the victims of a voodoo witchdoctor. But after the 1968 movie Night of the Living Dead, zombification took on another dimension of horror–flesh consuming.

    From what I’ve noticed our own witchdoctors have got the people in a walking trance. We are psychologically manipulated i.e. marketing, to purchase things we don’t need or have the money for. Causing poor manipulated souls to enter into debt which is just another form of slavery. It reeks of sorcery.

    We’re amusing ourselves to death with television, video games, hypnotic music on our MP3 players, constantly plugged into the internet on our personal computers, obsessively texting and talking on our mobile phones. We’ve worked ourselves into a collective trance.

    The news channels have become Time with Big Brother just like in Orwell’s 1984. News anchors are taught to make straight eye contact, use minimal jaw movement and use a certain “voice” when reading the news. It’s the occult dark art of mesmerizing!!!!

    We no longer think. We react the way we’ve been taught since our indoctrination (i.e. school). We regurgitate everything we’ve been told without question or careful examination. We are unable to see what is clearly going on right in front of us. We’re being prepped for something and a particular someone. Queen Jezebel is using her sorcery so she can hand us over to her Ahab.

    And Mr. Goodgame is sadly correct about the next step of our zombification and that is the cold-blooded, mindless consuming of not only things but others as the love of many is waxing cold.


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