The Way We Live

At Future Congress in early January I was able to give a presentation on the Queen of Babylon of Revelation 18. She is the feminine counterpart to the King of Babylon described in Isaiah 14. In these two texts we have twin last days judgments against the Antichrist and his bride, shown as the dark reflections that oppose Jesus and His Church as the Bride of Christ.

I believe that my work concerning the identity of the Antichrist is done, and now it is time to move into a deeper investigation of the bride of the Antichrist, the Great Harlot of Babylon. Folks, this is way deeper than we can imagine, but to understand it we need to pray for God to open our eyes. We are the end-times Laodicean Church, yet we really have a certain arrogance and smugness regarding where we stand in Heaven’s eyes. I believe, to make a generalization, that the prosperous church of the West is actually wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked. Yet we seem to believe that we possess the authority to lead “Global Christianity” and to steward some sort of “End Times Revival” that we keep praying for God to release!

Don’t get me wrong, I strongly, passionately, believe in an End Times Revival, but I also believe that the American Church is the very last place that it might spring up from! I’ve seen signs and wonders, I’ve been the recipient of life-changing prophetic words, and I’ve experienced amazing worship, but all of these things together do not equal Revival. True Revival means changing the way we live so that it reflects the basic simple teachings of Jesus Christ!

So are we ready to change the way we live? You can talk about prophecy, signs and wonders, or ecstatic worship to most Christians and they get all excited, but when you start pointing out how our very lives have become conformed to, and transformed by, our post-modern culture, people get that confused “deer in the headlights” look!

“Yeah, sure,” they say, “You may be right about that… but what are we supposed to do? We have to live this way because our world demands it. We have to practical about these things and there simply is no other way!”

What I am saying is that there has to be another way! We need to break out of our cultural blinders and seek Heaven’s guidance to show us this better way! My God, we are so blessed to be alive in these times, but I also fear that so many of us are completely missing it! When we begin to realize that what Heaven offers us is worth giving up EVERYTHING for, and our lives begin to demonstrate a true transformation of our Value System in line with what Jesus clearly taught, then and only then will we be on the verge of true Revival.

So what is wrong with the way we live today? Why is it so important for us to seek God and ask Him for a better way? I invite you to follow along with me as I continue this discussion here, where you can also find a link to the “Queen of Babylon” presentation I gave at Future Congress.

“And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees: every tree therefore which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.” (Luke 3:9)


21 thoughts on “The Way We Live

  1. You are absolutely right Peter. I was just getting geared up to write this reply when I got to the ad at the bottom.”Celebrity X cruises”. Nothing typifies the Spirit of babylon more. I had to laugh though. I know your message is the right one even if the world would try to dilute it.
    God bless you.


  2. Your word is absolutely essential for the Reformation is needed.
    Babylon is in the church. The true Prophets aren’t received, but
    the Asherah andbaal profits have unlimited engagements.


  3. Good presentation of Capitalism and the Queen of Babylon. It’s a strong argument and biblically sound. The Harlot has seduced the brethern for a long, long time. Her mountains/systems are ingrained everywhere. There’s no place on earth without her influence.

    Just look at Christmas, a day supposedly to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, but it’s actually the day of the anti-christ’s birth. We celebrate not by blessings, praises and worship of our Lord but by headstrong consumerism. And what a time of consumerism! Christ is almost gone from Christmas!

    Praise God our Savior has overcome the world! He tells us that if we believe, and not doubt, we can tell that mountain/system to uproot itself and throw itself into the sea/abyss.

    We the church need to get right with God and honest with ourselves. Who are we really going to serve, God or Mammon?

    Thank you Brother Peter for being a light.


  4. Concerned Friend,
    I prayed for you, you have a spirit of confussion.
    You need a Deliverance.
    Read “Shadow Boxing”by Dr Henry Malone


  5. Thank you for caring. Facts can be confusing when they don’t match what you have thought was true your whole life. It is called cognitive dissonance. Throughout history when the church has run into cognitive dissonance, it has blamed it on the devil. The question then becomes how many people will be burned at the stake, or accused of having demons, before the church comes around and admits the earth is not flat.


  6. Jesus is coming back. He said so. I choose to believe Him. I also choose to believe His other promises as well, and to follow His teachings. If this makes me look foolish in the world’s eyes, so be it. (He promised that too!) My life, heart, mind and soul are in the hands of Jesus. I trust that He won’t let me down, and I will go to my grave with this faith if it comes to that. In the meantime I will preach that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand and I will do my best to love people, heal them, raise the dead, and cast out demons in His Name. ( Matt 10:7-8). My friend, all of your clever reasoning means nothing to me, because I have EXPERIENCED the supernatural love and power of the Creator of the Universe. It has humbled me and silenced my ego, and it has also excited me and stirred up a hope and a faith in me that is beyond words. Just think……………. what if…?


  7. Rick and Peter,
    Thank you for taking time to reply. I wish you well. May you find the honesty and courage to acknowledge the facts. May you find the measure of faith to trust God with them.


  8. Concerned Friend: I watched/listened to your video and checklist. You are attempting to reason spiritual realities from a carnal point of view. The Bible says that the things that are seen TEMPORAL (temporary; not of a lasting nature), but the things that are not seen are ETERNAL (Heaven, Hell, Salvation, God, angels, demons). Your arguments about “why did God do things the way He did” remind me of a lump of clay asking the potter, “Why did you make me like this?”

    You seem like a pretty smart guy, but do you think you could match wits with the Apostle Paul? The Apostle Paul (the most intelligent and best educated Jew of his day) well says of spiritual reality, “But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.” (1 Corinthians 2:14). If your hypothesis is correct, and I am completely wrong about the Bible, spiritual realities, and the effect that these realities have had on my life, it has cost me NOTHING. However, if I am RIGHT, and you are WRONG, you will regret 10,000 years from now ever posting your concerned friend video. Deathbeds come to all, don’t make a mistake that you will regret for (spiritual reality check here) eternity. Trust Jesus while you still can. God loves you, and Christ died for YOU.


  9. Thank you for your sincere concern indyusmcdad.

    By the way, that is not me in the video. That is just one video in a playlist of more than 80 on youtube. If anyone wants to exercise their apologetics, they can watch them.

    The problem with Pascal’s wager is that it can be used with any belief system, but it contains no content to verify the veracity of the belief system it is being used to support. In case you don’t know what Pascal’s wager is, it is the argument of “I’ve lost nothing if I am wrong, but if you are wrong…..”

    “God created the heavens and the Earth”. Is it carnal thinking to demand that the facts of nature, which is a product of God, agree with Special Revelation? If you were examining the Koran, wouldn’t you point it out if it clearly contradicted known facts of science, or would you simply say that it must be properly spiritually discerned? I think that unless we are hypocritical, we should demand and grant the same arguments to others. That is why I don’t find emotional testimony and claims of supernatural understanding very useful in apologetics. All religions have those and they are all unverifiable and as such, a capable means of deception. I don’t discount these things as real in my life, but I can’t use them as evidence for others. It can be used as testimony, but not as a means of proof or refutation. I’m not about to grant such testimony to a Muslim apologist or a Hindu apologist as proof, so why should it be a convincing argument for a Christian? Miracles could be, but only real ones that can be confirmed medically or scientifically. Again, most religions claim miracles, as well as casting out of demons. You can see Muslims supposedly casting out demons on Youtube!

    The apostle Paul was a smart man. He attended the best university of the day, rose to the top of the Jewish elite, and then used his great writing skills to pen most of the New Testament after his conversion. He observed that, “For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.” (Rom 1:19-20)

    Paul claimed this even before the advent of modern science, but I can’t help but think he would be excited with what we have found out “in the things that have been made” since then! Such things as the fact of the instant of creation in the Big Bang, and the fact that creation started with a burst of light and all things come forth from that light. Paul Schroeder writes some very good books about this. God does not use nature to deceive us, but as Paul says, “to reveal his eternal power and divine nature.” Most scientists do not have that world view, but as a Christian you should!

    The Spirit of God indwelling us is our seal of redemption, and the strongest PERSONAL evidence we can have. God has not given us a Spirit of fear, so let us not fear to have Him reveal his eternal power and divine nature in the things that have been made. If we fear to learn of truth, we fear to learn of God, for God is Truth. If what we are shown contradicts some of our preconceived notions, then we should gladly change our notions to coincide with truth. If we are not sure it is true, then just hand it over to God and do the best you can.

    What watching those videos has done for me is make me realize that a lot of the science out there actually supports who God says that he is. It has also made me realize that some of my assumptions were wrong. It has given me a greater grasp on just how Big God is and how small we are and how special it is that he regards us. Some of the hard questions asked by skeptics and atheists are still troublesome to me to be honest, but most of those have less to do with science and more to do with moral and philosophical issues. I still have much to learn and some things I won’t understand in this life, but I don’t fear asking the questions. God is big enough to handle them.

    May we find the honesty and courage to acknowledge the facts. May we be granted the measure of faith to trust God with them.

    P.S. If you are right, and that guy in the video is wrong, I don’t think it will take 10,000 years until he regrets it. 😉


  10. Concerned friend,
    In the spiritual realm there are two kingdoms. The good seed vs
    the tares. Our mind of itself has trouble discerning between
    these. Until the very end, tares look like good seed.
    The religious leader came to Jesus and said,”what must I do to be saved?” Jesus answered, “you must be born again”. The leader
    said, enter my mothers womb again?
    The mind thinks in physical terms. Since Adam died spiritually,
    the spirit must be born again though Jesus.
    Romans 10:9&10 says,to1) confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord
    2) believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead
    If you will rebuke confusion and do these 2 things, you will
    experience a change in the spiritual realm. Lord Jesus we ask
    you reveal yourself to concerned friend now.


  11. I recall hearing another person such as yourself who was struggling with spiritual realities vs. temporal existentialism. It was related in a Haven of Rest series of radio broadcasts that I recall to this day from 35 years ago, in fact produced in 1978. Your quest deserves a more in depth answer than I have ability to give. I am in hopes that some other readers, or Peter Goodgame himself may have the time, education, and skill to address your concerns.

    If you will bear in mind that God will not force you to obey Him, nor to serve Him, you will have placed a spiritual niche in your heart that perhaps eventually will lead to a collapse of the wall that you have constructed between yourself and your creator. Once again quoting the beloved Apostle from his epistle to the Hebrews, Chapter 11, verse 6:

    “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.”

    The faith that is required to produce salvation and heart belief that will take you to heaven comes from the preaching of the gospel. It is apparent that you have a lot of head knowledge of the things of the Bible and of God. However, it is HEART faith that will take you to heaven. What a person believes will result in actions in their life. Paul said of Noah in Hebrews that,

    “By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house; by the which he condemned the world, and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith.”

    Noah was saved by faith, but his faith produced action. He built an ark! By the same token, people who believe there is no God, -well their belief produces actions too. They rob, steal, kill, commit adultery, engage in sodomy, and all kinds of vile behavior. Anyway, give the music and story in this recording a listen. Your postings brought this series to my mind. Maybe God caused me to be moved by these programs all those years ago for just this very moment. That is how God works!

    -BTW, it will only take the young videographer about 5 seconds after he draws his last breath to realize his very grave mistake.

    God Bless you and Have a Great evening and a Better day tomorrow.


  12. Rick, I appreciate your heart. I asked Jesus into my heart 35 years ago. I am born again. I’m trying to encourage believers to not turn away from science like it is some form of evil, and embrace the wonders that God shows us. Do you believe that Satan somehow is manipulating scientific data to deceive the world? I’ve thought of that possibility but I have a hard time seeing how that would be possible.

    I know the parable about the tares. It seems that you are suggesting that I fall in that group? Correct me if I am wrong. I see how I may have mislead you in that regard. I’m sorry. I also know that not all who say Lord, Lord or prophesy in his name will be welcome into the kingdom of heaven. I know where I stand in the risen Lord, and I thank him for it every day. I trust you will be there with me one day to worship the King together in the Kingdom of Heaven.

    I would like to ask forgiveness for posting these challenging videos if it has caused any of you to stumble. My intention was to challenge us to be ready to give a defense and to get some help in that regard. Apparently my attempt was misguided and ill executed. I’m sorry.

    This is a mission field with real people in it with real scientific knowledge. They are asking “how can your faith be true when we know such and such is true.” Are you going to answer them? If our faith is too feeble to learn and discourse about the facts, then we are sacrificing souls for the sake of our comfort. This has happened way too often in Christian history. The new facts we find out are not going to go away. We deal with them or accept it as a devastating weapon against our effort to defend the world view of the Bible.

    Peter pointed out that Jesus said that we would look like fools in the eyes of the world. I agree. The question is are we going to look like fools running away with our eyes closed or are we going to look likes fools running to these people? Does anyone honestly expect an atheist to accept that the Earth is only 10000 years old when he knows that light from most of the stars wouldn’t have even reached Earth yet if it was only 10,000 years old? Maybe he has never heard the theory that God created light already on its way to Earth? Who is going to tell him. Not the guy running away and saying that to confront such things is carnal and that these things can only be spiritually discerned. Or maybe the Earth is much older than 10,000 years old?

    Again I say may we find the honesty and courage to acknowledge the facts. May we be granted the measure of faith to trust God with them.


  13. indyusmcdad,
    Thank you for the Haven of Rest radio link. I listened to the whole thing when I got home from work and ran on the treadmill. When I was child I use to listen to that program, along with a program called Night Sounds, when I went to bed at night. It was very comforting to me. I enjoyed the episodes you pointed me towards. It was very encouraging to me how they played the song the agnostic asked for for four weeks in a row. I think showing Christs love by doing things like that goes a long way, as it obviously did with her. Thanks again.


  14. Concerned Friend,
    Jesus told the 12 and also the 70,to 1) declare the kingdom of God
    at hand 2) heal the sick 3) cast out demons.
    Peter told Jesus not to go to the cross( big error) Jesus answered,
    Satan get behind me(kingdom of the tares). He was not saying that
    Peter was a tare. Since lucifer chose to leave God, the two kingdoms
    have been in conflict.
    Integrating science and spirituality can be confusing!
    I was used to integrate psychology and spirituality, also
    confusing. “the word of God is living and active,separating to the division of soul and spirit”. Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God”
    My friends the Jesuit’s(one of my psychotherapy master degrees
    was with them),say the Bible has contradictions.
    No, they are apparent contradictions.
    The seminary I received a PhD from believes the Bible to be the
    word of God Without error. How did I reconcile these two?
    You have to have something as a plumb line! Psychology
    and Science didn’t cut it for me. The bible says that the word of God is
    without error! Do people interprete it differently of course. Don’t
    people interpret psychological and scientific facts differently?
    I chose to believe that all interpretations not aligning with the
    Holy Spirits interpretation of the Bible could be error.
    15 years ago a Man of God dared me to read 8 pages of The Psalms
    every day, why not take this challenge too!!!
    You need a Shepard, Iwas fortunate enough to have greats like
    AW Tozer, Leonard Ravenhill, Oswald Chambers
    Chambers starts with the premis that life is a tragedy
    That’s a fact that makes sense! The garden was a tragedy
    The facts you have pointed out are tragedy’s
    Imagine how viewing everything trough this truth will change most
    interpretations. Facts must be interpreted in truth.


  15. Ah, trying to explain spiritual concepts in physical terms. It takes a crazy exercise in the visible to try and explain the invisible. Good luck!

    It will always require a leap of faith, because such concepts are just so unknowable in this realm we are trapped in. It’s like trying to explain a cube to a 2-dimensional creature (Misler, C.), “Well, this line’s point meets that line’s point and then another and it does this 4 times.” Huh?

    Or like using the mystery religion’s mathmatics of algebra to try and find the measurements of an ellipse. Good luck! Trying to find the infinite amount of linear equations that go into creating an elliptical shape is madness. But if one goes outside of the limited tool of algebra and uses calculus. Holy moley!!! How easy was that! One easy calculus equation rather than the infinite algebraic equations.

    How then is a person going to explain an invisible God to a physical being? We could go around and around for all of eternity trying to explain the invisible in visible terms and never get any closer to the truth.

    Would this ever be possible? I doubt it. What does scripture say?

    Jesus was trying to explain God’s plan to Nicodemus and Nicodemus was just not getting it. What am I suppose to do! Enter my mother’s womb a second time?!

    Jesus was trying to explain God’s plan for mankind, to be restored–to be restored to God. Restoration requires being made all over again. The blue print for a person is not thrown out. No, the person is reconstructed to the original design. But God will not force this reconstruction process on us–we must be willing participants. We must be willing to undergo this process. And this process is spiritual not physical.

    You’ll never see anything, you will never be able to scientifical test anything. Because it exists outside of our world. It is a spititual solution and process to a spiritual problem.

    We humans all have faith. It just depends on what we want to excercise our faith on. Maybe it’s faith in education, if I get an education, life will be easier for me. Maybe it’s faith in eros/romantic love, if I get the right partner life will be fulfilling. Money, if I have enough money life will be worth living. Obedience, if I obey maybe the voices will leave me alone.

    Okay, maybe not that last example. That’s probably just my problem. But you get it, we have the ability to believe what we can’t see or foretell. The question is what’s it going to be?

    If you want the truth it’s going to be Yeshua. And it’s not going to be on your own terms. It’s going to be on His terms because He IS the Truth. God bless.


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