Canaanite Altars and the Federal Reserve – Rob Skiba with Tim Bence

For those who haven’t heard them yet, I suggest you listen to these interviews:

Canaanite Altars and the Federal Reserve

Part One:

Part Two:

5 thoughts on “Canaanite Altars and the Federal Reserve – Rob Skiba with Tim Bence

  1. hi there… I actually just finished listening to the podcast, and it completely blew my mind, and shook me to the core of my heart. Amazing. God is so incredible….

    I mean, even I had only the heard the first hour or so I would’ve still been totally blown away, but it’s like he just kept going, and going, and God was just pouring out all kinds of wisdom through this humble servant, and, wow…. I wanna know Jesus like that!


  2. Please tell me how I can learn more from TIm Bence! He is one of the most humble men of God I’ve ever heard. I am just WOWed and blessed by his testimony.


  3. Email me at pdgoodgame at gmail dot com and I can give you contact info for Tim.


  4. Peter – the citizen as slave that Jesus discussed with Tim is an subject that I’ve been studying now for a couple of years because I set uut to prove it bogus to those who told me of this. I found out I was the deceived one that it was true. A good summary (even tho I disagree with her new age views on spirituality) of this whole mess is found in Mary Elizabeth Croft’s pdf found at
    Suffice it to say, tho she doesn’t uise the terminology, she basically explains why and how we’ve become enslaved in Mystery Babylon and become merchandise. It helped me to finally comprehend Revelation 18 where it says the merchants of Mystery Babylon traded in (a whole list of stuff) ….ending in “the bodies and souls of men”.


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