Future Congress Epilogue

Future Congress 2 in Dallas was a success! I was able to share what I needed to share and I was also able to meet a lot of great people. My wife Lori was able to attend as well as my friends, Rick Cramer and Sam Plunkett, both from my home church here in Hawaii. I am very grateful for the people who contributed the funds that made it happen. Thank you very much!


As for the near future, I need to get back to work, pay some bills, and take care of my domestic responsibilities. I don’t plan on writing or researching over the next few months. The DVDs from the conference will be available soon where people will be able to see and hear what I presented about the Antichrist, the Queen of Babylon and the End Times.

At the end of the conference we were able to meet with our friend Tim Bence, from Oklahoma City, and then later I introduced him to Rob and Sheila Skiba and Dan and Gloria Duval. We all talked for about six hours before Tim headed back to Oklahoma late Monday night. What were we talking about? You can find out for yourself because on Wednesday Rob interviewed Tim for his late-night podcast. You can hear it at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/revolutionaryradio/2013/01/10/canaanite-altars-and-the-federal-reserve

Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

In Jesus,

Peter Goodgame


5 thoughts on “Future Congress Epilogue

  1. Wow! God send His servant Tim Bence to destroy the Baal altar on Jekyll Island, Georgia USA!!! Just like Elijah and the Baal worshippers of Queen Jezebel in Israel. Praise God!!! ALLELUIA! Praise ye Jehovah! ……Whoa, we need to pray.

    We pray in the name of Yeshua Messiah that all works and spells of the enemy of God come to nothing. Let there be a hedge of protection around your servant Tim Bence and those he loves Lord God.

    Lord, let Your Light shine on all darkness and it’s satanic works. Help us to see as You see Lord. Help us to live by Your sight and not our own.

    Rise up Your people oh Lord. Stir them up. That they are Your light and Your salt to a lost world.

    Call Your people out of that evil city Babylon and all it’s satanic systems. Bring them back into honoring Your covenant that You won for us on Calvary’s cross. Bring them back under Your covering wings oh Abba Father–away from the enemy’s reach and in Your Presence.

    Bring them back into obedience of Your Ways, Your Words and marvelous Commands. That we Your people are one with You Our God. That we stand ready for all that You desire to do with us and through us.

    Though there be giants with shield and sword,
    we Your people have the name of the Lord!



  2. I think Trueandlawful is thinking of a different hand gesture using the pointer finger and baby finger,which is the satanic horns that many celebrities and occultists use. Peter and gang are using their thumbs and baby fingers, altogether different.


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