Two Things

Firstly, the recent two-hour interview that I had with Dan Duval can be heard at

Secondly, I am still working hard and fund-raising for our trip to Dallas and I have prepared something to offer people who can donate ten dollars. Please consider helping me finance my research and writing habit! Purchase the 17-page PDF report of our adventures in Mexico in July of 2012. It was a trip filled with prophetic signs and divine appointments, including our balloon ride over the “Giza Complex” of the New World that seems to mirror the layout of the constellation Orion. The report also includes more of my thoughts on today’s system of global capitalism as the great end times “Maximum Temptation Delivery System” of Mystery Babylon.

To take a look, go here:

Oh yes, if you have purchased PDFs from me in the past you might be interested to know that I now have Volume 2 of the “Giza Discovery” available as a PDF for $5. Many people like PDFs because they can be easily transferred to digital readers such as the Kindle and other similar devices. See  

Thank you very much, every little bit helps!

God bless,

Peter Goodgame

3 thoughts on “Two Things

  1. Stop embarrassing yourself with your online panhandling. It’s pathetic and something common to the majority of Illuminati/satanic bloggers.


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