Future Congress 2013

Future Congress is only one month away! Here is the latest article published at WorldNetDaily promoting the conference:


I will be sharing three presentations in Dallas. One will cover my first book, “Red Moon Rising,” another will cover my second book, “The Second Coming of the Antichrist,” and another will cover the topic of “The Queen of Babylon” and the role of global capitalism in the end times. In this area I will be a dissenting voice from the mainstream, to put it mildly.

I truly believe that the most powerful “secularizing” trend over the past two hundred years has been the triumph of the merchants and the rise of the marketplace to take over, or at least greatly influence, virtually every aspect of society and human relations. The “love of money” which the Bible identifies as the “root of all evil,” has been promoted and defended as the foundational impulse behind EVERYTHING, and virtually everything and everyONE (Rev. 18:13) has been transformed into a commodity to be bought and sold for profit.

It strikes me as absurd that so many people will agitate and complain about every negative social trend that has emerged, yet at the same time they cling to this thing called CAPITALISM and embrace it as that “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow.


“Oh God, save us from the evils of abortion, homosexuality, pornography and everything else that the commodification of sex has brought us… Save us from the evils of consumerism, advertising, and the trashing of Christmas… Save us from the big banks that have won a monopoly over the commodity of money… Save us from the politicians who only obey the lobbyists and their billionaire backers… Save us from the forces that want to legalize and commodify all forms of drug use and from the effects of “legal” drugs that claim to offer the panacea for a society filled with broken people… Save us from the military industrial complex that reaps record profits through the commodification of warfare and the deaths of our children… Save us from our churches that are run on ‘business plans’ that resemble mini-corporations… etc, etc… But Oh God, thank you so much for showing us that CAPITALISM is the greatest expression of human liberty! Thank you for showing us the true way! Thank you for helping us export our “way of life” to the four corners of the world! Now help us, dear God, as the enemies of Capitalism become angrier and more bold! Help us HOLD THE LINE as we continue to promote your heavenly vision of maximum freedom for markets and merchants that is the end-point of your heavenly system of CAPITALISM!”

The prayer above is the end-times prayer of the blind Laodicean Church, and I hear it echoed ceaselessly throughout Christian media. It’s simply a prayer that is prayed by a people who have been deceived and seduced by Babylon’s propaganda. Truly the Laodicean Church is a church that has made her comfortable home in Babylon the Great.

In the early 1990s a man by the name of Francis Fukuyama wrote a book called “The End of History.” It became a best-seller and was embraced by Wall Street and the US foreign policy establishment. Fukuyama was rejoicing at the fall of the Soviet Union and declaring that modern mankind had reached an end-point to history. “Where else can we go, now that it is clear that there is no alternative to our modern society based on democracy and capitalism?” It was a triumph of the human spirit, he said, led by the USA, and a global utopia was just around the corner!

However, the truth is that democracy and capitalism have always been enemies, and only deeply imprinted propaganda or bald-faced totalitarianism can support a capitalist society for very long. The very process of “pure” capitalism, based as it is upon competition and self-interest, leads only to the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Human history proves this fact, which contradicts the hollow utopian promises espoused by economic libertarians. With more freedom for markets and merchants wealth inequality increases and the people cry out for the government to do something! … which leads to socialism.

Yes, socialism is a terrible evil that oppresses and dehumanizes people, but we must understand that it is merely a sub-set of capitalism, which is the FOUNDATIONAL EVIL from which socialism springs. Today on the far right (which is the natural home for the Laodicean Church) we hear that the best remedy for America right now (and indeed for the world) is MORE CAPITALISM! We must return to the system of free enterprise that made us great in the first place, they say. But the promises of capitalism are hollow. The end-point of pure capitalism is not “heaven on earth,” but riches for the few and slavery for the many, as we can read within God’s commentary on “The End of History” that is given to us in Revelation 18.

My God, Church, wake up! Capitalism turns LAND itself into a mere commodity to be accumulated by the wealthy few and exploited for profit, which was something that God clearly prevented in the simple economy of ancient Israel, and in his dispersement of the various people groups. Within capitalism have we somehow SANCTIFIED this process that God Himself took clear steps to prevent?

Capitalism promotes a role for government that only protects the merchants and their markets, and leaves everyone else at their mercy. “Property Rights” and the “Sanctity of Contracts” are the bare bones of the ideal libertarian government.In this scheme creditors thrive and debtors languish. This was also something that the Lord expressly prevented by his system of debt forgiveness in Israel every seventh and fiftieth year. But today the greater mass of society and the world’s several hundred so-called “representative democracies” are all in DEBT! To whom, you ask? Well, they are in debt to the rich! There has never been such a massive discrepancy between rich and poor, or between debtors and creditors, in the history of the world! Again I ask, by inventing “capitalism” have we somehow SANCTIFIED this process that God Himself took clear steps to prevent?

This situation is simply the logical endpoint for a world that has witnessed the strategic empowerment of “Maximum Freedom for Markets and Merchants” that has been the goal of capitalism from the beginning. We can blame politicians, bankers, or global CEOs all we want, but they are simply playing out their logical role and function in this great end-times system that is ruled by Babylon, the Great Whore. We can get angry at bankers, or at politicians, or at “SOCIALISM!” all we want, but until we deal with the underlying system that is strangely based on FREEDOM, we will go nowhere.

“They promise them freedom, but they themselves are slaves of corruption. For whatever overcomes a person, to that he is enslaved.” (2 Peter 2:18-19)

Peter Goodgame

7 thoughts on “Future Congress 2013

  1. “However, the truth is that democracy and capitalism have always been enemies, and only deeply imprinted propaganda or bald-faced totalitarianism can support a capitalist society for very long. The very process of “pure” capitalism, based as it is upon competition and self-interest, leads only to the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.”

    Would you say that capitalism has bought democracy or at least bought their way so far into democracy that we have become a capitalist run country rather than a government of the people, by the people and for the people democracy?


  2. Rick, for some time I’ve been looking at the negatives involved with capitalism, but now I am looking at the negatives that come with democracy in the book I am reading right now called “Liberty, the God That Failed” by Chris Ferrara. Put them together and you get the last gasp of rebellious humanity that pretty much rules the world today. I think you pose a good question and the answer is ‘yes.’ But we’ve come down this road voluntarily by being deceived and seduced. I’m so disenchanted by modern society and by political schemes that seek to control society that I have finally arrived, praise God, at the conclusion that the true Church of Jesus Christ is the only hope for humanity! We’ve voluntarily marched proudly and loudly down Babylon’s road for so long, but now the time has come to repent, turn around, and pursue the path that leads to Zion! What this looks like is still largely a mystery to me… so for the time being I’ll just continue to irritate people with facts and with my own peculiar (and hopefully Spirit-led) perspective.


  3. You have a heavy message Peter for a lot of souls that are hanging in the balance. I will be praying for you as you give it at Future Congress, and for those to whom it is sent to have ears to hear it. God Bless.


  4. The extreme right and the extreme left seem to have only one thing in common: a total mistrust of the world’s largest financial institutions and central banks. What are they seeing that others aren’t?

    Both sides solution involves scrapping the current system and replacing it with the one they like. Unfortunately without Jesus, their solutions are just more capitalism or more socialism.


  5. It would have been fun to have had the “founding fathers” of America here to discuss this with them ! I do believe that this nation at one time before plunging into sin was indeed blessed by God. I believe the founding principles that this nation was set up under while maybe not perfect, was better then any other nation in the world.

    But the founding fathers themselves stated that it could not last. We had Great revivals here. We sent missionaries to all corners of the globe and feed many a starving country. At one time America was very blessed… Not just in finances, but in many ways.

    I believe a signification part of the problem is not even financial or economic based. It’s moral based. When a nation looses it’s morals and it’s right standing with God ( Righteousness ), it has only one direction to head. A very painful down hill slope of slow death.

    God blesses whom He will bless. Any governing system that tries to insure the success of all by taking away the blessings of one man and giving to the man that is not blessed because of sin.. this system is against God. Insurance companies fit that lot.


  6. it amazes me that the UnitedStates has given up on traditional economic models and sold our national soul to the devil for the sake of supporting “globalization” even though we know more than half of the country is unemployed with no hope of finding employment! How many times must you whip a dead horse before you realize that our economy under globalization is not going to come back! When are we going to realize that the only way our economy is going to recover is to shitcan Nafta and Cafta the trade policies that allowed the wholesale destruction of our local economy, and start rebuilding our national job-base and industries here locally in the USA! Great Britain did this in 1913 and was successful, when are we going to learn our lesson and do the same? We have allowed the rich and the corporations to ruin our economy all for the sake of globalization, not knowing it would cost us our national economic “souls”! It can not be a success if it means more than half of our country will live homeless unemployed on the streets the rest of their lives with no hope of ever finding not only jobs but permanent careers and means of supporting their families. Even the largest companies in the USA will eventually fail and go under (Wal-mart) if Americans no longer have jobs and can not even buy products that they sell. There comes a point at which all economic activity will come to a standstill! At this point there will either be a huge civil war or other major catastrophe to divert our attention such as WWIII. The tragedy is our gov. so far refuses to admit “globalization” was and is a huge mistake that must be removed from America if we are to survive as a nation.


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