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REAL NEWS is one of the few news sources that I trust. Now they are up for an award:

We are pleased to announce The Real News is being recognized in awards ceremony for it’s coverage in Cairo, Egypt earlier this year. Roddy Hafiz, a freelance videographer with TRNN, was nominated in the news category for the internationally reputable Rory Peck Award.

To read about his nomination, click here:

To see the TRNN clip up for the award, click here:

The Rory Peck Awards is one of the only awards to highlight and honor the extraordinary talent of freelance journalists in dangerous regions and difficult conflict zones. Roddy’s footage of the street clashes between government security forces and mostly young protesters following the Port Said Massacre captured terrifying scenes of police violence. During his two days of shooting, he was injured several times and chased down by police armored vehicles.

“The judges described Roddy as a “natural raw talent.” One said: “His piece has rhythm, it has tempo, he has the patience to properly frame shots. He put himself in some situations that were fairly hairy to document but which were important to document – from all angles. It’s an extremely visual piece of story-telling. He’s barely picked up a camera before – but this isn’t just pointing and shooting. He has a real eye and a real sense of what makes good television.” – Rory Peck Trust Fund

The report nominated ‘Clashes in Cairo’ included nail-biting images of police forces shooting rubber bullets, bird-shot and tear gas canisters into fleeing crowds of protesters, the kidnapping of journalists and protesters by government security forces, and the sheer rage that kept Egyptians defying police violence.

Roddy’s Bio: Born in California to an Egyptian father and Samoan mother, Roddy spent much of his childhood in Cairo. Following the revolution Roddy put his college education on hold and gave up his job as a waiter to travel from his home in the US to Egypt. This story was his first experience behind the camera. Roddy also shot numerous stories for TRNN from Cairo, Egypt post-revolution. Roddy is the brother of TRNN correspondent Jihan Hafiz (a Rory Peck Award for Features finalist in 2011).

Background on Rory Peck: The Rory Peck Trust Fund was created in 1995 following the death of freelance journalist Rory Peck. The Trust Fund was set up by Peck’s widow, Juliet Peck and John Gunston, as a means to support struggling freelancers risking their lives to cover the news. The Trust also supports freelance journalists who have been injured on the job and support families in critical times of need.

In the clip Roddy is the videographer and Jihan, his sister, is doing the reporting.

Here’s the ten-minute clip:

2 thoughts on “The Real News Network

  1. I would like to know how you can say you trust The Real News Network when they have an article by Glenn Greenwald basically saying that Israel is at fault for defending itself against rockets being launched at it. I thought you were a person who believes in the bible as God’s word and absolute authority?


  2. The people of Gaza live like rats trapped in a cage, so it’s shouldn’t be a big surprise when they lash out in frustration. Yes, the liberal view is to bash Israel for everything they do, and that’s wrong. However, the mainstream evangelical view, of seeing Israel as a holy nation, and as justified in every military action she takes, is also wrong. I’m not a replacement theologian, and I know that God will save Israel and that she has a glorious future when she turns to her Messiah, but right now she is simply another “kingdom of this world.” When she puts her faith in God alone, and can no longer count on her military or financial support from US tax dollars, then she will be saved. Pray for Jerusalem, but don’t worship her, and don’t think that she is judged on separate principles that are different from how God judges other nations (see Matthew 25). The Evangelical view has become so twisted in this area. We are so eager to embrace forms of carnal power in this world and label them “good.” When will we embrace the simple teachings of Jesus, and look to them as the standard that all peoples and all nations must meet to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven? The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a complicated mess, and our propaganda thrives on getting people worked up and taking sides. War is hell and all murderers will be judged. I side with Jesus. Blessed are the peacemakers.


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