Babylon’s System

Here is a 30 minute talk by Richard Wolff on the systemic problems of CAPITALISM.

I know that many think that criticizing capitalism makes about as much sense as criticizing oxygen, but I think the time has come to scrutinize this system that has taken over the world, which is founded upon the “love of money”; is perpetuated by the endless marketing of the “lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and the pride of life”; which finds “love thy neighbor” to be a completely unnecessary social value; and which “constantly widens the gap between rich and poor,” (as Richard Wolff will colorfully explain).

Here’s the link:

The System of Capitalism

(left click to listen to in new window – right click to download to your hard drive)


11 thoughts on “Babylon’s System

  1. Very interesting audio but there is more out there somewhere. Where is the first part and the last part. This audio was going great gangbusters until it hit the 30 minute mark, then BAM, just cuts off, over, done with. I would like to hear the entire thing as it was quite interesting. The middle part that was there sure gave a unique new perspective to our economic woes. Where can we get the entire talk?


  2. I just finished listening to an audio presentation done in Los Angeles back in the 90’s by G. Edward Griffin. He discussed the “System” and its benefit to the bankers. I think we would all benefit to learn about the true function of the “System” and learn to hate it rather than love it. Griffin’s speech covered the topic of his book called “The Creature from Jekyl Island”. Thanks for the audio you linked. Every bit of information I have learned through the years has allowed me to see a clearer picture of what I never saw before.


  3. Alan, the interview was taken from the October 8 podcast of an hour-long show called “Against the Grain.” Unfortunately this show aired during their fundraising drive, so the interview was cut to thirty minutes and the other thirty minutes consisted of the hosts asking for money. If you want the whole talk on CD I think you can get it for a pledge of only $80! Maybe in a few months they will re-air the entire lecture. Michele, yes when everything becomes a commodity, including the bodies and souls of men (Rev. 18:13), the most important commodity becomes money itself, and bankers rise to the top. But why do we always blame the bankers? They are just doing what bankers do in a capitalist system. They do their best to make money, just like everyone else! Its not the bankers’ fault; we should view their rise to the top as an expected result of this crazy system! Richard Wolff explains this very well, with insight and humor.

    Here’s a link to a very recent, very good 100-minute presentation by Richard Wolff that touches on much of what he talked about in the 30-minute clip:

    Even my wife Lori watched the whole thing with me this Sunday morning!


  4. When it comes comes down to the nitty gritty,the powers that be,teach you all about the tred mill(their plan for you in their capotolistic game) from the day you are born,the rules are passed to you,down through the grandparents,your parents and finaly ”YOU”.It starts with your BIRTH certificate (company registration) Social security # (tax invoice) Death certificate (bankrupcey,auction of goods) ”BUT WAIT” we may be able to slow the tred mill down and save the company,is that another family member of the tread mill,they, and only they, can slow the wheel down, because they invented it along with the caveman.


  5. Thank you for your reply and for the YouTube link. I’m recording the video now and saving to disc in case stuff like this falls into the infamous Internet black hole. $80.00 for a DVD . . . to rich for my blood. BTW, my copy of The Second Coming of the Antichrist is due to arrive today. Can’t wait to read it.


  6. I just finished watching my recording from the link you gave Mr. Goodgame. Very interesting. Your link was to his Sept. 2012 monthly talk and he did another update this October on I believe the ninth. It’s on YouTube and the link is below. I hope that you and your wife, Lori, will enjoy this one as well.


  7. What else do you expect a socialist an avowed communist to say,it;s the system like Lenin and Stalin their system really worked well.This is and always will be a spiritual battle this IS Satans system,until Christ returns.ALL Mr Goodgame has done is brought attention to an otherwise Academic feeding on the public trough.


  8. Global Capitalism is the world’s great end-times “Maximum Temptation Delivery System” (see my post from July 4). It is the apex of Satan’s system, far more suited to his purposes than communism ever was. It’s far past time for the Church to do two things; 1) Stop supporting the system with votes and (im)moral support; and 2) Begin to demonstrate to the world a better way to live, which will probably look very similar to Acts 4:32. This early Church was living out Jesus’ prayer of John 17:21, and when there is true unity among believers then there is no such thing as “mine.” When this happens then the rich and powerful will become angry at the Church and the poor and oppressed will see the Church for what it is meant to be: the true Body of Christ on earth. Right now the Church is upside down, supporting the systems and superpowers of the rich while blaming the poor for every social problem.


  9. Our money system along with every other system, (religion, education, politics etc.) is perverted by satan.

    Scripture says in Jeremiah-

    Jer 10:23 O LORD, I know that the way of man [is] not in himself: [it is] not in man that walketh to direct his steps.

    This means to me that man is incapable of governing himself or others apart from God. The Bible challenges our financial system. Even saving money seems to be a lack of faith according to scripture.

    1 Tim 6:17 Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not highminded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy;

    I hate the injustices with the current system, but how would Christians even go about creating a new monetary system when satan is still the god this world? Its not going to happen. But we do have this to look forward to when Jesus comes back and rules the earth.

    It is going to be a very amazing thing to witness the establishment of a new financial system by Jesus Christ!
    I can hardly wait!!
    God bless!


  10. America is the ONLY NATION birthed by the church – that invisible body of believers in Christ. That is provable historical fact and somewhat supported Biblically. You can rant an rave against all of America’s failings and there are many, but to say that America is being “brought low” because of her pride is very misleading.
    You forgotten too easily how America has loved her enemies when she sent aid to the people of Germany after WWII, and sends out aid to victims of natural disasters all around the globe. In some places they even had to remove the USA marking for people to be able to accept the aid they were being given at our expense. No other nation in the history of the world has been so kindhearted to her enemies.

    America is being brought low because she turned away from God. The God that her people clung to in the days of her founding. The Constitution that was set up to protect the Church is being turned against the church by and people who hate Christ and by massive apathy in the Church. (And you are siding with them?) She has turned away from the values that once made her great. The church in America has turned Laodicean and left the ways of Philadelphia. She is not being judged because of militarism or capitalism or any of the other isms you noted.
    I’m sure that some Christians think as you described, that keeping America is bringing in the “Kingdom Age.” But most of us who have studied this realize immediately that is not the case. America just a nation, but as a nation she has a right to exist and to defend herself and to be the mightiest military in the world.
    You described the movie 2016 from a very myopic perspective. Without realizing the truth that is being told in that move. There is another move out called “The World Without US” you should watch it too before you go bashing America and Americans. I too will not apologize for America, except to say I’m sorry that the wrongful annexation of your all too precious Hawaii has blinded you to the truth of America. God Bless America!


  11. Thanks for the comments Richard. We see things very differently and that is probably a result of the type of information that we have been exposed to. I read and listen to all kinds of material, even sources that are highly critical of the USA. I know that history is written by the victors, but in today’s information age we can also read the stories that are being told by the losers. I’d love to believe that the USA is as righteous as you believe, but I just can’t. I simply know too much. I feel that prosperity creates its own propaganda, and I believe we need to take seriously Jesus’ warning about the “deceitfulness of riches.” We’re going through a time where all of our foundations are being shaken. God bless the USA, but trust only in the Lord.


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