Forbidden Fruit at the End of the Age

Today on 9-28-2012 at the end of after-hours trading Apple stock ended the  quarter at a price of $666.66. They’re talking about it over at ZeroHedge. Coincidentally, the very first Apple computer entered the marketplace back in 1976 with a retail price of $666.66. See here.

In my post of July 4 I explained how disobedient Eve shows up in Revelation as the Great Prostitute. I also showed how the forbidden fruit becomes transformed in Revelation 18:14 into the great mass of commodities consumed by Babylon, whereas the role of the tempting serpent becomes taken up by the “great merchants” of the earth.

It is no coincidence that today in the last days of Babylon the Apple corporation, with its logo of an apple with a bite out of it, is the wealthiest company in the history of the world, with a market cap of over $600 Billion, with analysts expecting it to top $1 Trillion in the years ahead. Recently one JPMorgan economist explained that in the months ahead sales of the iPhone 5 could provide a significant boost to GDP growth!  That’s how they calculate “quality of life” these days, if you haven’t noticed. On a contrary note, Jesus, in the parable centering around Luke 12:15, seems to argue against GDP accounting as a true measure of the good life.

There is nothing inherently wrong with an iPhone or iPad. However, when acquiring things becomes our focus, rather than loving God and loving our neighbor, then we become idolators.

In the Garden of Eden there was only one potential temptation, while today we are surrounded by forbidden fruit. Worldly temptations are everywhere, aggressively marketed by the capitalist system that we have become so proud of. Yet it had to be this way. Jesus is the New Adam and the Church is the New Eve. The true Bride will say “No!” to the world’s forbidden fruit and turn to her Husband who already paid the price for our sins and say,

“Yes! I choose you Jesus!
The world has absolutely nothing to offer me!
I lay my desires and my agendas down for you!
You alone have everything I need!”

This is the end-times revival of the Church.

12 thoughts on “Forbidden Fruit at the End of the Age

  1. I hope you can write more on the end time revival Peter~ the Glorious Church…lovely hearing you on the past few radio interviews!I really relate to a lot of what you speak of so that encourages me~


  2. Revival of the Church? On the contrary, the Lord Jesus will not find the faith on the earth when He comes (Luke 18:8b, it is THE faith, articular in the Greek original) and the Church at the close of the dispensation is “wretched, miserable, poor, blind and, naked” (cf. Rev. 3:17).


  3. Very interesting!! I love the way God has of showing us truths through patterns and numbers.

    I have been thinking a lot and praying about this “end time revival” that many are expecting, because I just can’t see it in scripture. And the last sentence you wrote in this excellent article is more confirmation to me of what the Lord is showing me. It is this:

    1-The kingdom of God has already come and it is a spiritual kingdom and it is within us NOW, if we are born again! (Please do not confuse with the millennial kingdom to come.)

    2-Revelation speaks about the OVERCOMERS, (he that overcometh) and these are the ones who have washed their robes white and are without spot or wrinkle. That means there are those who DO NOT overcome. (I believe the overcomers are the bride of Christ who will rule and reign in the millennial kingdom.) Not talking about salvation here.

    3-According to the parable Jesus gave us about the 10 virgins, we see that 5 did not have enough oil. That is 50%!! of the body of Christ in this last generation of believers; that among other things like coming out of the world and the things of the world, has not fully yielded to sanctification. I wrote about the virgins here on my blog:

    4-I see many people, and I have been guilty of this also, who may be using this so called coming revival as an excuse to not go out NOW and do the greater things. Or even to use the God given authority we have in Christ NOW. Jesus clearly showed us in the parable of the talents that not all are willing to use what they have already been given.

    5-Do not confuse the HARVEST (s) with revival.

    Anyway I could go on. But I would love some input from other Christians about this.
    I know that there needs to be another reformation and the true believers need to exodus out of the harlot system. So I really expect more of a reformation that some great revival.

    In Christ, Sarah


  4. Agreed, Edgardo, as long as a or the Church is a 501 c3, it is a part of the Beast. Come out of Her least you share her Sins.

    Peter,The Feast of Tabernacles begins shortly. Is your camping trip with that in mind?


  5. i have worldly goods t.v rec/p.c. i know i am not of this world,i am stuck in the place i live,how would i learn or ask for help without them,i do not worship them,as i did things many years ago (it was not untill i became a christian that i found out what i had been worshiping),including certain days,or should i say nights.These items have opened my eyes,i never dreamed a preatcher would go on t.v. & ask people to sow a seed of $1,000s of dollars or say ”oh i could not fly 2nd class,i have my own,plane,these men & womenhave their god on ROB T.V.i have been shocked to the core by items i have seen on my pc,by these so called christians===so should i take alll these items of the world & bin then,or should i put them to work learning,about the one true GOD of Israel.At my age i need ”crutches so to speak my memory is poor,my attention span is not good,the way this item is written it is the first time in a long time,i am wondering,should i stop using the tools of the world to learn of the evils of the world.I use them not adore them.====Neil.==GOD bless you all.


  6. There will be innumerable multitudes that will be saved during the Tribulation period. But they are not part of the Church. By that time the Church will have been removed from the earth and judged (Rev. 1:10ff, 2 Cor. 5:10, 11).


  7. have a good time camping with family and friends. I am currently on Oahu and appreciating the friendliness of the locals. We saw some people setting up their campsites yesterday on our way up to the north shore. Beautiful land, you are blessed to live here! God bless you.
    Ps. Sarah, the ‘revival’ is when the scales are removed, Is 6, and they see their teachers, Is 30, is the way I’m interpreting it.


  8. Thank you Peter. However, I do agree w/ Sarah re: the need for a reformation & do not look for any nation or worldwide revival. Having said that, since none of us have ‘arrived’, each individual in Christ needs to continue to come to the Lord for our own rescues, revivals, restorations in our own lives.


  9. Reblogged this on What Lies Ahead and commented:
    An excellent observation from Peter Goodgame. We live in a world that has blinded us in consumerism and I believe like many that the church is just as deep in it – that buying and selling is the measure of success!


  10. @murray leslie: It is true that Adam is a type of Christ and Eve type of the bride of Christ. But what most do not realise is that NOT ALL of the Church is the bride of Christ. Just as Eve was taken out of the body of Adam, so will the bride be taken from the body of Christ the Church. The bride is only a minority part of the Church, just as the “rib” was only a small part of Adam’s body. Not all Christians will rule with Christ in His coming millennial kingdom. Many will be put in “outer darkness.”


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