Thoughts on Globalization, Revival, and Hawaii

I’d like to share an article that I wrote last year in anticipation of the APEC conference that was held in Hawaii. This relates to our ongoing research into the nature and identity of the Queen of Babylon. Yesterday here in Hawaii we celebrated our statehood day. This occurred on August 21, 1959, and is celebrated annually every third Friday in August. We were the fiftieth state to join the union. “Fifty” is the number of Jubilee. In the Old Testament this was the year of liberty and debt relief and the “year of the Lord’s favor” referred to by Jesus in Luke 4:18-19,

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”

This is the revolutionary motto that I now refer to as the “Jesus Manifesto.” It is the battle-cry of the global insurrection that Jesus began against the “powers of this world.” This great planetary INSURRECTION was subsequently confirmed by Jesus’ RESURRECTION, and was then empowered and released through the outpouring of the Holy Ghost at Pentecost, which literally means “fiftieth day.”

We, the Church of Jesus Christ, are the authentic carriers of FREEDOM in the world today, yet this world is also inundated with many concepts of freedom that are carnal and spurious. Much of these false promises of freedom are intertwined with the political agenda known as “free market globalization.”

I am convinced that the call to “Come out of her, my people!” found in Revelation 18:4 will involve the Church demonstrating the distinction between the heavenly and the carnal definitions of FREEDOM. As we come out of Babylon the true people of God will embrace our primary task of declaring and releasing Heaven’s Jubilee.

Here’s the article:

God bless,

Peter Goodgame
August 18, 2012

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Globalization, Revival, and Hawaii

  1. Today I came across a vision that was received on August 14, 2012, by Patty Kerst from Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I don’t know her, but the message is very similar to my post above:



    In a vision I saw the true spiritual Liberty Bell ringing; I also saw the Philadelphia liberty bell fall to the earth. I heard the Lord say, “Ring out the true bell of liberty in My Spirit. Let freedom reign! It is the true, pure liberty untouched by human hands, not contained by man-made buildings and programs. True liberty rings in the Holy Spirit. The sound of My liberty is ringing out across this land. Those who have an ear to hear will come. This is a sound like a wave rolling out across the airwaves. Win this battle in the spirit. Sons of liberty come forth! The captives and prisoners will be set free. Christ has made you free. Stand fast in His liberty and do not allow yokes of slavery to entangle you.” (Gal. 5:1)

    I saw the Lord with jewels at His feet, He was picking them up. “You are My special treasures.” He put them in His pocket. And the Lord said: “My living stones, which you are, belong to no man. I will build My church, I will set them in My foundation as I see fit, not as man thinks, I will lay the foundation with beauty, beautiful stones, living stones.”




  2. Thanks for sharing these things Mr. Goodgame.

    I am really laying hold of the kingdom of God in a way I had not previously understood. It IS a spiritual kingdom, and it comes not by observation but it is spiritually discerned.
    Praise God for Jesus is revealing many things to His own!


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