When Merchants Rule the Earth

More commentary on economics. Revelation 18:23 says that the greatest enemy of  the Church OWNS the great merchants of the earth. These are the richest people  on the face of the earth and they live as servants to the system of the Whore of  Babylon. According to the recent data (March 2012) from Forbes magazine, there are 1226 billionaires in the world today. Here is the top ten list by country:

10. Canada – 25 billionaires
9. Turkey – 34
8. Brazil – 36
7. United Kingdom – 37
6. Hong Kong – 38
5. India – 48
4. Germany – 55
3.  China – 95 (133 including Hong Kong)
2.  Russia – 96
1. USA – 425 (34.6% of the world’s total)

These billionaires are all capitalists who invest, speculate, trade, buy and sell in the great game of global commerce, now that free-trade globalization has conquered the world. The USA’s richest and most powerful merchants dominate the world today, and their power is backed up by the US Military. Expanding “Free Markets” became our national mission in the decades after World War II, and these merchants, who are the “great men of the earth” have been the primary benefactors.

What Americans, especially American CHRISTIANS, fail to realize is that there is a dark side to global capitalism. Transforming everything in the world, including the bodies and souls of men, into commodities to be bought and sold comes with some very negative side effects, chiefly spiritual in nature.

I will be speaking out about this much more in the future, but for now I leave you with this article:


Peter Goodgame
April 2, 2012

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