Getting Started With the Elijah Revolution

Do you remember the stock market crash when the Dow Jones dropped 777 points? I remember thinking that this was a little bit strange, but I never followed up on what it might have meant.

Well, a man by the name of Jonathan Cahn has researched this event, and placed it in a much greater context of a warning from God to our nation. His research can be found in his just-published (1-3-2012) book called “The Harbinger.” I have to tell you, I am still stunned after downloading it last night, reading into the night and finishing it this morning. I’m even taking a moment away from a woodworking project right now to get this email out. This message is VERY important. You can find the book at Amazon, also available instantly on kindle.

(Here: )

The central Bible text of the book is Isaiah 9:10. This is also an important passage in my upcoming book. I approach it differently than Cahn, because we both have different points to make, but Cahn’s message rings true.

I recently completed a short interview for FutureQuake radio. Look for it to be available by next week. I talk a little bit about the end-times Elijah Revolution. Jonathan Cahn’s message has the “spirit of Elijah” all over it. What an amazing revelation to begin the new year with!

And get ready for more. 2012 will be an extreme year. It will be difficult for those who are unwilling to give up their idols and their man-made ideologies, but for those who do it will be an amazing time!

Check out the links on the right to my study on Isaiah 9-14 and to Cahn’s bio and book details.

(Isaiah 9-14: )

Much of these new revelations touch on the realm of economics. Remember, my favorite book of 2011 is the book “Debt: the First 5000 Years,” by David Graeber. Listen to an interview with him linked to the right, as well as another interview with economist L. Randall Wray. Both of these guys understand that an economic system based on “people working together” is much more ethical than our currently expanding global grid of neo-liberal capitalism that is based on “every man for himself” and has debased democracy to “one dollar one vote.” If you are in debt, your vote doesn’t count. If you are a millionaire, you’re in luck. If you’re a billionaire, you get to purchase your own legislator!

(Graeber: – Wray: )

Also take a look at the documentary film “HOME,” that documents the downside of globalization:

Jonathan Cahn’s message is just the beginning of the many revelations that will be released this year regarding Heaven’s perspective on the system and the rulers that have come to dominate the earth.

But… where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom and…
The kingdom of heaven is at hand!

Peter Goodgame
January 6, 2012

2 thoughts on “Getting Started With the Elijah Revolution

  1. I have to say that the Harbinger is complete speculation at best. No where can we see that Isaiah 9 can apply to any other nation except Israel especially for the fact the the US founders were mostly deists with most of them rejecting Jesus as God come to man. Plus, if God was sending a message to the people of the United States through a messenger (as Cahn is claiming) then we wouldn’t have to go out and pay “$19.95” to receive the revelation. He is just trying to sell books.


  2. I tend to agree with Nathan.
    I think we would all agree that the USA and most of the nations of the world deserve God’s Judgement based on state condoned abortion, homosexual marriage, etc. God’s judgment will fall and should be obvious to any Bible student without need of scriptures directed toward Israel.
    Most people reading this will agree that the Bible is God’s inspired word and we need to understand it according to the leading of the Holy Spirit using a literal interpretation(where possible)
    Further most of us would disagree with replacement theology. Yet, in the case of The Harbinger we allow the USA to replace Israel and interpret those scriptures directed toward Israel as having a further fullfillment on the USA.
    Don’t think so.

    By the way I really enjoyed Peter’s book Red Moon Rising. I believe he makes a case for the Day of the Lord begining with the opening of the 6th seal of Revelation.

    I look forward to reading his latest book when it becomes available on Kindle.


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